Gia Woods Dives Into Past Relationship In “New Girlfriend”

Singer and songwriter Gia Woods is gearing up to release her debut EP in 2019 with the drop of her newest single “New Girlfriend.”
In “New Girlfriend” the 22-year-old queer singer sings about liking her ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend more than her with the single use of an electric guitar in the background for a more upbeat, funky vibe. The catchy chorus “Let’s not talk about what’s her name/ I can see it all in her face/ When I tell her that/ I met your new girlfriend, she’s cool/ I like your girlfriend more than you” is enough to stay in your mind way after you listen to it.
Woods is used to pushing boundaries. Coming out to her traditional Persian family through her 2015 released music video “Only A Girl” sets her apart as her striking presence mixes with her sincere songwriting and impressive instrumentation to give fans a unique, unapologetic range of music. Inspired by supermodel Gia Carangi, who died from AIDS, Woods took the first name and paired it with her last name.

“I want people to listen to my music and feel empowered—like they can come to me for support.” Gia Woods said. “I want to represent for young adults growing up and figuring out who they want to be. I think I can be their voice.”
Previously released singles “Jump The Fence” and “Only A Girl” have acquired more than 10 million views on Youtube, which has helped her build such a supportive fanbase. “New Girlfriend” is another single to help continue spreading the importance of being who you are being proud of your sexuality.

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