Gigaknot Drops Heartfelt New Singles “HeartBeat” & “Broken”

Gigaknot releases two new singles sharing a diverse blend of soundscapes, elements of honesty and precision, and high quality melodies quickly grasping their listeners’ attention.

With a scattered beginning in “Heartbeat,” the single is able to find its footing as it progresses and integrates his Alto-styled vocals showing love to the universal unspoken language that brings people together. Singer Gianna Juliet joins Gigaknot, who’s the producer, with the writing and singing of the short but very impressive single. The more we listen, the more intriguing it becomes as the shifting instrumentals lock into place, giving us a track full of light, fun energy we can enjoy. We look forward to hearing what Gigaknot comes up with next as he continues to develop his sound.

Stylistically, “Broken” follows a different tune with a slower paced tempo setting the mood for an honest, raw outlook on how certain situations have left him feeling broken. We’re excited to hear what comes next. Stay tuned on Music Trails for new music.


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