Gina Naomi Baez – “Winter Wish”

Christmas has come a little earlier this year as singer/songwriter, actress, and influencer Gina Naomi Baez releases her newest single, “Winter Wish” to prepare listeners for the highly anticipated festivities.

The sparkly, pink filled music video, filmed in a spacious Manhattan apartment, makes us all think about what we truly want for Christmas this year. By the end of the video we see Gina Naomi Baez make her “winter wish” come true after finding a cute little puppy (tinkerbelle the dog) with a bow wrapped around their neck at the door.

She mentions all the wonderful things about Christmas like “hanging Christmas lights/ picking out the tree/ baking apple pie.” But as the song progresses, fans realize the most important part of the song is being able to spend it with “you,” whether that’s the dog she found at her door or the friends she was able to spend the night with.

Baez’s sweet, mesmerizing vocals is one major reason to listen to this single. Her voice shines as she hits each high note. Lyrics like “All good reasons for me to keep wishing my winter wishes/ Will come true/ So I can be here with you” speak  about her one desire this Christmas while also spreading the joy of spending the holidays together.

Long Island native, Gina Naomi Baez, spends her days running from audition to audition and working on her creativeness on her days off. “Winter Wish” came to life one day in Manhattan with props featuring everything great about Christmas. The tall purple tree, snow falling from the “sky” and small intriquite details make this video an aesthetically pleasing visual for fans to enjoy.

It can’t be any clearer how creative Gina Naomi Baez is and how far she will go in the entertainment world. All of her hard work and ideas pushing many boundaries have given her a name in entertainment.

“The magic of being onstage was a way for me to cope,” Baez said in an interview. “If it could help me get through cancer, I realized the arts had the power to help all people. I knew it was what I wanted to pursue.”

If you haven’t heard of Gina Naomi Baez before, she plays a recurring role in Spike Lee’s Netflix series “She’s Gotta Have It,” as well as appeared in the popular Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black.” Her popularity on Youtube has skyrocketed over the years as she’s posted covers, live performances and video reels.

Baez was also recently featured on various entertainmnet outlets for her “Truth Hurts” x Hocus Pocus parody. What came from a day at home writing the lyrics based on the single, became a realization of how powerful the world wide web can be. Watch the video below:

Enjoy the holidays a little more with “Winter Wish,” which is now available on all streaming platforms. Follow Gina Naomi Baez for more life updates and new music on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her official website.

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11 thoughts on “Gina Naomi Baez – “Winter Wish”

  1. Hi Evilin,

    Haven’t really heard of m/s Baez before but I love the song and no doubt we are all hear a lot more about as this song becomes a hit over the christmas period. Christmas hits become timeless as it rolls around each year and I’m sure this will be 1 song that gets rolled out every year, having said that we can all just enjoy it for the moment and merry christmas to all

  2. What a cute video and what a powerfully lovely voice! I had heard Gina Naomi Baez sing before on Orange is the New Black, but this performance is hands down awesome and will likely be a tune I play frequently for the next couple of months!

    Do you know if she is related to singer/activist Joan Baez? 

    I am just happy to have discovered this talented young woman and am definitely adding her to my youtube playlist!

    1. It’s such a great song haha! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 

      Great question, I have no idea if she’s related to Joan Baez. 

  3. That is a lovely new Release, this is my first encounter listening to Gina Naomi and I think “Winter Wish” is going be my secret song for date night with my wife:)

    She has such a soft but strong pleasantness in her voice and I am sure it will be a great song to set a pretty giving mood!.Thanks for the great introduction Evelyn I’ve added Naomi to my playlist already.

    All the best 


  4. Hmmm… Really beautiful. I haven’t heard of Gina Naomi Baez. It’s really nice for me to hear about her now. This song is really beautiful and it came at the right time. Gina Naomi Baez has really nice and powerful vocals; You’re my winter wish!

    Thanks for sharing Gina Naomi Baez – “Winter Wish” and merry Christmas in advance.

  5. It’s a great song with great lyrics. She has a clean vocal. Just like others have said here, this is also my first encounter with  Gina Naomi Baez. I think she is doing well. The graphics is cool and the colour is 😘… I like the concept of the music. The dance steps in the video; what is it called?

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