Glitter Assassin – Whisper Then Breathe

Chicago-based band Glitter Assassin have released their latest sophomore album, Whisper Then Breathe.

Released on December 10, Whisper Then Breathe includes 5 tracks well worth listening to. If you like listening to guitars in layer form then you’re definitely in for a treat. 20 minutes will seem to fly by as the album comes to a finish.

The first track of the album “There’s No Make Believe” (feat. Flutter) introduces listeners to the entire of the album. Just as the album title displays, all you hear is a whisper coming from the artist with low sounds of the guitars in the background.

“Freshly Loaded” is refreshing and shows how much of a well oiled machine the band has become when they perform together.

“And You Won’t Call” references the whisper part of the title through a catchy hook and vocals filled with sorrow about listening to their person on a phone call. We 100% recommend this track!

“Worth Breathing” is as motivational as the title sounds. Life may be hectic at times but Glitter Assassin reminds us to take a second to remember to breathe and take in the moments. Just like this single, the band will be worth remembering.

The final track “Without A Word” becomes more a beautiful Rock-and-Roll instrumental with just the sounds of the guitars blasting into their listener’s eardrums for the first minute then a few verses start coming in. By the time this track comes around, Glitter Assassin isn’t whispering anymore. They’re roaring and getting their message heard!

Purchase Whisper Then Breathe either on Amazon or Bandcamp!


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