GOJI-360 – “Upside Down”

Utah based band GOJI-360 intriguingly combines elements of pop punk with 90’s electronica while bridging the gap between the worlds of Punk, Rave and Pop – all showcased in the single “Upside Down” from their newest album release Up & Away.

The Electronic Pop Punk band is keeping listeners on their toes as “Upside Down” appears as one of the standout singles on Up & Away. It’s clear GOJI-360 is creating a sound that’s perfect for themselves with fourteen tracks coming together to distribute their distinct vocals and alluring musical sounds.

Bright scenic shots of the band appear on the music video representing a fun outlook on the overall theme of waking up on the wrong side of the bed yet making sure to create the kind of life you desire. It keeps our attention as the scenes show their free-flowing personalities come to life with its unique blend of genres in the background supporting their mood.

GOJI-360 creatively portray the way nature can be a beautiful way to get back in balance with life. “Upside Down” rapidly inspires us to pick ourselves back up from any distress and find the beauty all around us. The kaleidoscopic colors create a sense of intrigue to the visuals as well – check it out right here:

This trio is rising with enticing songs keeping us hooked to their uplifting vibe. If you haven’t checked it out yet, Up & Away is currently available for all music lovers everywhere!


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