Green Light Silhouette – “These Waves”

Alternative Rock band from the SF Bay Area, Green Light Silhouette, release their 12-track album, These Waves, a beautiful, personal, and emotionally resonant record that points to their journey as artists and musicians.

The four Californian musicians united with different backgrounds and styles to make up Green Light Silhouette’s sound. Their album, These Waves, is heavily influenced by Alternative Rock, Shoe gaze, Indie, and Punk sounds, whcih makes this the perfect album with a little bit of everything for everyone!

Within the first three songs, it’s evident the band is going to make it big one day with their music. The album deserves to be blasted at the highest volume possible while driving down a busy road.

A standout single for us, “Shapes + Colors” is an inspiring song about having the guts to follow your dreams and ignoring what people think about you. Green Light Silhouette includes an incredible guitar solo towards the end of the song, which hits perfectly at the moment when the band starts gaining momentum. With lyrics like “Don’t shut the light and don’t be shy/ You’ll be the one to let me know it’s okay” the band is bound to catch the hearts of many listeners.

“Monsters” picks up the tempo yet fits with the track-lists of gentle sounds. “Take This Round” is easily an album highlight with lyrics coming straight from the heart to the studio. “Strange Houses” closes a brilliant piece of work that is These Waves.

Green Light Silhouette quickly catches your attention with every song. We could listen to it all day!

With These Waves, Green Light Silhouette have created a sound that’s timeless and fitting for people who enjoy all musical genres. If you’re in the California area, attend their release show with special guests Fire in the Fuselage and Walking Distance! Buy tickets HERE!


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