Greg Hoy And The Boys – “Leaving While You Stay”

Greg Hoy And The Boys reminisce on a heartbreaking situation that leaves one feeling alone until they discover their power in “Leaving While You Stay.”

The singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording producer, and recording engineer behind this incredible collective is Greg Hoy, a veteran in the music industry who’s constantly evolving and channeling his deepest memories into his music.

“Leaving While You Stay” flourishes with the powerful sounds of the guitars, thumping drums, and impressive vocals filling the empty space between the eye-opening lyrics based on someone leaving a relationship. Their message of finding your own way in life is combined with lighthearted, fun visuals that convey their serious message while enjoying the time together as a band.

As with their previous music singles, it’s always the unexpected with Greg Hoy And The Boys that draws us closer to their music.

This short two minute single is a sample of what’s to come from the San Francisco-based artist, Greg Hoy And The Boys! They have been releasing a new song each month to keep you entertained and ready for more! Keep up with them online to find their upcoming singles:


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