HANNAN – “Break Me”

Louisville, Kentucky’s very own modern rock band, HANNAN, delivers catchy, memorable hooks in their latest single release, “Break Me.” An ode to taking back your power and not allowing anyone to break you or your spirits.

The 5-piece band released the 6-song EP Charm Offensive earlier this summer to what’s become a loyal group of fans interested in their music. Reminiscent of new deep-rooted traditional Rock n Roll, HANNAN truly delivers in each song with every guitar riff, hit of the drum, and note-hitting vocal.

The music video epically shows a woman fed up with her partner who always sits at home and drinks. She leaves thier home and goes to a location where she can break apart the walls and let go of the anger. All the screaming and smashing allows her to release some steam while wearing an outfit that’s different from her day to day wear. By the end, she’s happy and much more relieved than she was before.

“You took my everything/ You were my ecstasy/ But you won’t break me” the lead singer sings during a strong, powerful chorus. This song is built for anyone who needs to take a break from life and just smash some things.

Let this song play while you break a ton of unimportant things to release the stress.

The release party for Charm Offensive will be on November 29 in Lousville, Kentucky. Make sure to stop by if you’re in the area! Keep up with HANNAN on Instagram, Facebook, and their website here.

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