Harosho Recognizes How “Bad Choices Make Good Stories” In Passionate New Album

Harosho’s newest 10-track album Bad Choices Make Good Stories embodies the mesmerizing elements of Pop, EDM, and House drawing listeners into his passionate stories on growing up, keeping a positive outlook on life, and staying reminiscent of the good times.

Hailing from Toronto, the recording artist Harosho is quickly leaving his mark as one of Canada’s favorite EDM artists who continuously brings a new flavor to his mixes with inspiration from popular artists in the electronic genre, Deadmau5, and Nora En Pure. His versatility is heard throughout the album exploding with a fresh perspective combining unique electronic melodies and raw lyricism. His ever-growing Spotify streams are preparing listeners all over the world for the artist whose name Harosho comes from the misspelled Harasho meaning “All Good.”

Bad Choices Make Good Stories is the result of using music to help him get through difficult times in his life. Listen to the entire album here:

“Don’t Lose Yourself” introduces a piano instrumental embracing his journey through life beginning with early childhood memories as he appreciates how far he’s come. The gentle ballad shares a message of hope with his listeners to fully come into who we are and not losing ourselves in the midst of all of the life changes and possible painful memories we may have connected to our past.

With elements of Pop intertwined with a genuinely impressive hook, “Mockingbird” sets the tone of wanting to be in a state of freedom. Just as the mockingbirds find their place in the world and don’t stay anywhere for too long, Harosho feels the pain of losing the feeling of joy in his life without having any love around. The upbeat Pop instrumentals join in on the voices detailing their connection to freedom.

Including a beautifully crafted production and lyrically resonating verses, “Anymore” lets go of what isn’t necessary in his life anymore with a vibrant and low EDM-driven soundscape creating great melodies to get lost in right after the first listen. Its catchy lyricism settles in with an infectious instrumental beat bringing to life the feeling of not wanting to deal with the same emotions over and over again.

“Hazel Eyes” sounds like the perfect love song for the summer filled with a great love story in the background. He shares his love for her hazel eyes that keep him stuck in love. The turned-up energy with free-flowing drums, guitars, and his energetic vocals solidify this enchanting song. We can only imagine how it would sound in a live acoustic set. “Heart of Gold” captures the loving vibe of appreciating someone’s goodness. It’s one of the singles on the album displaying how Harosho is quickly becoming one of Canada’s favorite EDM artists. The smooth instrumentals keep a consistently enjoyable rhythm with each different sound coming into one.

“Just A Little Bit” carries an extravagant blend of Techo-Pop encouraging listeners to stand up and dance the night away on the dance floor. It delivers a catchy groove as the beats create a pleasant feeling of enjoying the company of someone else. With singles like this on the album, it fully captures how the feeling of love is universally craved and brings a sense of joy that’s difficult to find anywhere else.

“OK Maybe Not” builds up from a slow-tempo beat to the booming rhythms of the drums and clinks of instruments. It perfectly details how maybe a relationship wasn’t meant to happen but staying hopeful of what will be coming next. He embraces how the painful feeling of letting go is something that will lead to a different future. Imagine walking on the beach and listening to this song while reminiscing on lost love – it’ll set a fire within you to continue fighting for the love you desire.

Emotionally-driven by the painful realization of having to leave someone behind, “Quit You” repels the idea of separating. Featuring beautifully unique vocals and a storyline filled with passion, Harosho introduces a delicate guitar melody before rising into a distinctive beat unifying the entire single. “What Would I Do” is an increasingly beautiful single showing love for someone important in his life. As the album progresses, we learn stories of love, pain, loneliness, and moving through life. This single captures the agony of letting go with a simple yet effective soundscape sending a chill vibe while bobbing your head along. Overall, it’s a standout single putting together the full picture of what the album is truly about – finding ourselves while appreciating the special relationships in our lives.

Closing out the album, “Whisper” amps up the energy with an electrifying climatic series of beats fusing together the female’s vocals with a vibrant soundscape. He describes being in a state of infatuation with someone who he can’t keep his eyes away from for too long. The compelling storyline creates a soothing feeling of feeling the same way as someone else and being able to share those feelings of love with one another.

Bad Choices Make Good Stories is a collection of incredibly relatable and interesting stories allowing the listeners to fully connect with Harosho on a deeper level. The entire album is well worth a listen and we look forward to hearing what comes next. If any of these songs resonate with you, feel free to reach out to Harosho online:


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