Harry Daniels Releases Mesmerizing New EP “Into Words”

Harry Daniels releases his latest four track EP Into Words after building on memorable singles “Dear Elsie” and “Aim For The City.”

Sitting at a mere 13 minutes, Into Words delivers an acoustic-folk medley of catchy, alleviating, and unforgettable vocals and stories.

The first single “Into Words” reminisces spending time with someone important in his life with the repetition of the same words “I can’t even put it into words/ Screaming inside.” The gentle strum of the guitar amplifies his distinct vocals that showcase tons of emotions from start to finish.

When he takes a sudden break, it feels like a breath of fresh air as he has let out his sadness in the first half of the song then he realizes he needs to just let all of the frustration out.

“Dear Elsie” allows the instrumentals to lead the way to his apologetic letter about losing a relationship. The melodic combination of his and Lucy Gray’s vocals cover a well put story of not being at their best without each other.

“51” smoothly switches from a hard-hitting chorus to blissful intervals that soothe listeners with the beat of the steady drums. It’s one of those singles that can get one out of any funk, even just for the day.

“Aim For The City” sticks to a powerful Rock motion with fast paced instrumentals that keep us moving and guiding us out of our daily routines.

2020 seems to be his year as Harry Daniels is proving to be an artist we should be keeping in our radars. Make sure to check out Into Words today!


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