Hassan Composer – “Mirror Of My Soul”

Arab singer and songwriter Hassan Composer shares four new singles created this year including “1 Omri Leha, Mi Life For Her” “2 Bini w binek, between you and me” “Omri Ettani, New Life,” and “Mirror Of My Soul” along with its own music video.

The artist, author, composer, and performer based in Paris make sure that music is felt before it is even heard. He takes such care of making sure his music leaves a mark with everyone who listens from anywhere in the world with an intriguing innovative mix of Eastern music, European classical, and world music.

“Mirror Of My Soul” includes a sound merging everything from contemporary to Arabic music to Hindu and world music.

The music video shows a couple by the Eiffel Tower and a woman dancing along to the beautiful composition filled with loving lyrics such as “Your eyes are more beautiful than the sky/ It is an immortal universe/ Without your love and your sweet and flaming gaze/ I don’t know where to go or how to survive.” He goes on to sing about his love for the special person in his life.

Find his music on all streaming platforms including Youtube and Spotify.


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