Heathcote Hill – “Promised Land”

Heathcote Hill reunite to spread their newest single, “Promised Land.”

“Promised Land” is a part of the their recent album, Fight Another Day. The track depicts a world where you must follow your parents to reach the promised land, being Heaven. If you deviate from what you must do then you won’t make it there.

With the agony of having to reach a certain status to get there, the band puts all their emotion in this song to bring fans a raw, truthful song about life.

In the music video, the six-member band first walk into the frame holding their instruments as lead singer Megan Porcaro Herspring prepares to charm us with her outstanding vocals. In the end, they walk back together as the united front they are to the lyrics, “I would be there with you/ If I can.”

Everybody has their opinion on what you should be doing to reach the “promised land” but in the end she just tells them, “Teachers, preachers, parents, lovers, friends/ They do their best but somehow in the end/ The truth is more than we can understand/ And I can’t swear there is a promised land.”

Heathcote Hill is comprised of talented musicians who, despise having families, careers and relationships to take care of, were able to release four albums to share with their loyal fans. Guitarist Tom Nelson writes their songs while Megan Porcaro Herspring puts life into the words with her extraordinary vocals.

Listen to the full album Fight Another Day below:

To keep up with Heathcote Hill, follow their website and social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify. Also, stay tuned for their upcoming performane in New York’s very own The Bitter End on November 8.


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