Holly Abraham – “Love Will Come”

Indie folk pop artist Holly Abraham illustrates how putting your creativity and emotions together can create powerful project as seen in her debut EP Love Will Come filled with stories of love, confidence, and life experiences.

Her honesty shines in this beautiful collection of melancholic songs that also dives into the importance of discussing how our mental health has an effect on our life.

Holly Abraham speaks candidly about the life experiences she’s had that have led to this point in her life journey. The entire EP Love Will Come embodies her impeccable songwriting skills that beautifully put her emotions into relatable songs that listeners can enjoy.

The most influential single and inspiration for the EP title, “Love Will Come,” inspires listeners to understand the importance of choosing yourself first before chasing love. True love comes when one has done the healing necessary to love themselves first. It’s a significant message running throughout the EP.

Prepare yourselves for one satisfying collection of songs you’ll hear this year! Holly Abraham is truly bringing her A-game and leaving behind her legacy in the music industry!

Stream Love Will Come on all streaming platforms today.


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