How Can Music Artists Get A Google Artist Bio/Knowledge Panel?

Have you ever come across an artist bio shown on the right side of Google?  If not, then search for any popular music artist (let’s say “Justin Bieber”) on Google and you will find a  panel on the right-hand side of Google that contains many details about the artist like name, date of birth, albums, introduction, social media profiles, profile photo etc.

Some people think that only popular and well-known artists make into this panel which is technically known as the Google knowledge panel. However, It is possible for any artist to get a similar panel when a person searches his/her name on Google.

How to ACTUALLY get an artist bio/knowledge panel on Google?

Even though the entire process of creation of a Google knowledge panel is automatic, there are basically two methods that you can do for getting an artist bio/knowledge panel which are

1. Manual Method

2. Easy Method

Let us discuss both the methods one by one

1. Manual Method

The manual method involves getting your profile published on all those sources which Google trusts. However, you have to remain consistent in building profiles on all these sources regularly for some time (a few weeks) in order to stand your chances of getting noticed and published. Let us now take a look at these sources one by one:

A. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is considered to be one of the most reputed and authoritative sources when it comes to the occurrence of profiles in the Google knowledge panel. If you somehow manage to get a Wikipedia page for your profile, then the chances of your profile being displayed on the Google panel increases manifold. However, if you look at all the factors which are required to create a Wikipedia page, you will find it quite difficult to get it done. You may find some freelancers on freelancing sites who can create and publish a Wikipedia page.

B. Quality press releases

Today there are hundreds of press release companies online. Only a handful of these are trusted by Google. Most of the high-end press releases like Businesswire, PRNewswire and PRWeb are considered to be reputed press release services and therefore getting your press releases published on these sites can increase your chances of getting into the knowledge panel. The downside is that a single authority press release distribution on this site can cost over $700 and you need to do consistent press release distribution for some time for your profile to get noticed and placed in the panel. It means spending close to $4k-$5k for getting coverage on big press release sites.

C. Wikidata

Wikidata contains information about brands and personal profiles in a machine-friendly format. By following some basic guidelines for editing and publishing wikidata, you can get your profile to appear on this website and increase your chances of getting a knowledge panel.

However, Google may from time to time update the sources from where it takes its data and therefore it is necessary that you must remain aware of the changes. You must pay close attention to stuff related to knowledge panels as Google is known to change its parameters often.

2. Easy Method

The easy method does not require you to do any of the above stuff. It rather involves finding service for creating a Google artist bio (Knowledge panel) for you. In other words, pay the money and get it done. By using a service like TheArtist.Bio, you can get a Google knowledge panel in a few weeks.

Additional Resources

There are many websites that have covered this topic. For additional reading on Google artist profile, you can visit this post at

Verifying the panel for better appearance and benefits

Once you get such a panel in Google,  the next step you must do is to claim that panel so that you can do much more customization on your panel like editing photos, providing updates about new albums, events etc. For claiming the panel, the verification steps require you to provide government-issued documents and other relevant processes. Once you give these documents, the verification is completed in a few days and you get notified by email regarding your claim.

Benefits of getting a Google knowledge panel for artists

1. Increased Branding

Nowadays, branding is the key to success. Almost all startups pay significant attention to increase their brand visibility online which in turn benefits their business. This is one of the primary reasons why influencer marketing is getting more popular nowadays. If a person types your name on Google and sees a complete artist bio shown on the right side of Google, then it creates a very positive impression about your profile as most people have seen such panels only for big brands and musicians.

2. More Promotion

Currently, when you have to post new content, you post it either on your social network profiles or your own website. In such a scenario, your followers will have to either visit your website or your social network profiles to find the new content. However, after getting a knowledge panel/Google artist bio, it has the option to display the latest updates and posts from your social network directly into the panel which means that as soon as a person types your name on Google, he/she will come across your latest posts in the Google panel itself. There are many possibilities related to this as you can announce your latest music releases directly on the panel and can also see visitor interaction on the backend of the Google knowledge panel.

3. More Business Value

In the entertainment industry, people charge fees based on their brand value. Higher brand value implies higher service fees. Getting in the Google knowledge panel increases your brand value which in turn increases your business value too. It means that now you can charge more for your services and can earn more money.

If you are an artist and are looking to get greater exposure online, then you must seriously consider getting a Google knowledge Panel for yourself or your band as it will provide a much better impression about your profile.  It is also necessary to ensure that your profile data is maintained consistently across various websites because Google algorithm can not show your knowledge panel if it finds mixed and contradicting details about your profile. It is better to take use of this feature as soon as possible because, with time, Google makes its algorithm more complex due to which you may find it hard to make a panel later.

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