How to Get Press as a Musician

In the world of entertainment, fame builds name. Many new musicians don’t have any idea of getting press coverage and they struggle to get noticed. So let us find out how you can get press coverage as a musician without hiring any high-end consulting or artist promotion agency. In short, we will be dealing with the question “How to get press as a Musician?”

Know the source for sending high-end PR

All press releases are not made the same way. There are low-tier press release sites that hardly get noticed online and there are high-end press releases that get high ranking in search engines. Sites like Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News are high-quality press release sites and they perform much better in search engines. A properly optimized press release on Yahoo Finance can rank on the first page of Google for low to medium competition keywords. There are sites like that handle writing optimized press releases and publishing them on top-tier sites like Yahoo Finance.

Regional Level Publicity

For people who are more interested in getting press coverage in targeted countries, they can opt for regional level press release distribution or getting featured on regional news websites. For Example: is a regional and brand version of the Forbes network. is particularly suited for Indian artists, musicians, and celebrities. This medium article about ForbesIndia gives more details about getting featured in it. Similarly, there are regional news websites for the US, UK, Singapore, etc., that can give targeted coverage in specific countries.

Doing it without spending money

Even though utilizing a PR distribution site like MagnusWire can help to quickly gain press coverage on many high-end sites, some people do not have the budget to spend for marketing their music. They can opt for the free route where they can directly connect with editors of big publications in order to get news about their music published. It is a time-taking process, but the results can be rewarding. In order to get started with this, one can compile a list of the top publications in the music industry followed by emailing the editors of such publications. Before emailing, one must get some background information about the editor and their preferred area of interest. Another option is to get in touch with these editors using LinkedIn.

Going by this route of emailing editors and journalists might seem tedious as only a few will respond during the first email pitch. It takes constant follow-ups and reminders to get their attention as they remain busy with their own schedule. However, getting featured on big publications pays off big time by the results it gets for your branding. The major positive point is that once you get featured on a few big sites, it becomes easier to gain coverage on other sites too by building up and showcasing your media placement portfolio.

The JV method for getting press

If you would like to reduce the time and cost taken to get press as a musician, you can try the JV (joint venture) method. For this, you can team up with other musician/musicians by joining any music forum or through any other platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. After that, you can form a music band and can issue the press release for this newly formed band. The biggest benefit is that now you can share the costs involved in issuing a press release.

By following the above-listed methods, any musician or artist can get press on reputed platforms.

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