Hyde Out – “Smoke and Mirrors”

Omar Merlo and Jaka Levstek combine their creative musical backgrounds to merge into the indie pop-rock band from London, UK, Hyde Out, now celebrating the release of their latest album Smoke and Mirrors.

The 12-song album is a mixture of unpredictable vocal compositions, productions along with vivid lyrical illustrations grasping our attention from the very first song. “Alive” perfectly opens this album with its blended instrumentations and captivating lyricism not only introducing their sound to new listeners but also paving the way for the upcoming songs that’ll keep them happily moving along.

Everything in Smoke and Mirrors was perfectly calculated to offer a uniquely invigorating album that makes this such an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

There’s a variety of musical styles blended together throughout the album that actually complements one another in the smoothest way possible. The amount of creativity and dedication placed on the creation of their music goes unnoticed – this is one album that’s putting this rising band on the map.

Its rich musical soundscape is accompanied by a music video for the single “Smoke and Mirrors,” displaying the band’s heavier side compared to the other releases. Check out the album on all streaming platforms.


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