I Am IMAGE, Big Daddy & Jazz Tha Process – “V12”

Jordanian rapper I Am IMAGE teams up with rapper Big Daddy & producer Jazz Tha Process on their latest single “V12.” Together, they developed a hard-hitting track with a drop of their cultures ingrained in their lyrics and sounds.

Produced by Jazz Tha Process, the single “V12” includes unique blends of vocals and background beats that show listeners a catchy, replayable track that deserves more than one listen from them. It’s different from most music on the radio these days and needs to get the recognition it deserves.

I Am IMAGE’s and Big Daddy’s vocals each bring a distinct range of melodies, creative lyricism and memorable instrumentals unifying to come off as the fun, enjoyable track, “V12.” Over their instrumentals, they rap about staying lowkey and focusing on getting more big checks to spend on getting bigger and better things.

Listen to “V12” on all streaming platforms while preparing yourself for their future releases!



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