I WANT POETRY – “Islanders”

I WANT POETRY returns with “Islanders,” an inspiring, mellow new single you’ll want to check out once it’s released this July 10th!

With a mixture of modern Indie Pop, ethereal Ambient elements and dramatic neoclassical influences, I WANT POETRY blends these musical genres into an entirely new and inviting sound. Dream pop duo I WANT POETRY prepares to release their upcoming album HUMAN TOUCH, which will be available this October.

“Islanders” is an anthem for change. The duo comes together to bring unity and to advocate for a positive change in this world. They leave behind their powerful message with lyrics like “all we are we are/ is hungry islanders/ we are riots to your serenades/ we are choirs to the silent days.”

Keep an eye out for the eye-catching visuals accompanying this amazing new single! The visuals portray us as a connected humanity and our place in the world through a artful collage of double-exposure shots.

The newest release “Islanders” is just a taste of what’s to come once HUMAN TOUCH is released, which you won’t want to miss! Stream their past releases on all streaming platforms today and follow them online to keep up with their new music.


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