IAMKINGZIION – “L.L.D.K (Long Live da King)”

Indie recording artist IAMKINGZIION releases his latest project L.L.D.K (Long Live da King) with five high-quality timeless songs displaying his growth as a musician, love for music, and everyday grind to become the best version of himself.

The rapper, music producer and sound engineer from London began his musical journey as a street dancer in his early teens. Learning to produce his own music changed everything for him as the freedom fueled him to develop his own eclectic style in a way that inspires him.

Influenced by artists such as Rakim, Slick Rick, Tupac, Biggy Smalls, Nas, DMX, 50 Cent, Wu-tang Clan, Shaba Ranks, Busta Rhymes, Wiley’s’ crew Pay as you go, Heartless Crew and So Solid, the Rap genre lights up a fire in him that motivates him to fully focus on producing songs using hip-hop fused beats. Although he grew up vibing to Pop, Grime, Dancehall, Reggae, Dance, Pop, Salsa, Afro-beats, Soul and Reggaeton, Hip-Hop and R&B remained top on his list of preferences.

“L.L.D.K (Long Live da King)” introduces his unique persona to all who listen to the project. It begins with an upbeat range of EDM/Hip Hop beats merging vocals from Jasmine G. and co-production Monkstar. His verses tell his story of becoming who he is, which is a King. He doesn’t shy away from speaking about the issues important to him and  how he truly feels about the way we’re progressing as a united front.

“London Times” hypes up his homeland of London with soothing vocals from Leslie Carron. His choice of unique beats flow smoothly as he raps on reaffirming how his time in London has fueled who he is today. “100% Turn Up” features a bubbly, fast paced kind of beat that perfectly vibes with his positive energy about turning up and avoiding the hate coming from haters. This is a highlight for us withnothing but good vibes running through the track.

“Symphonic Melody” slows it down to spread some love towards someone in his life that has caught his attention. His romantic side shows the versatility behind his storytelling capabilities and creating beats that fits each theme within his songs. The electronic synths are captivating, making listeners want to sway along to the tranquil yet booming beats.

As the final song, “Dreams” is seen as an inspiration to follow your dreams and not letting anyone sway you off your path. This is one of those songs that get you moving and seeking what’s next while being able to get out of your head enough to listen to his raps and vibing with the dream-like instrumental.

Throughout the release, listeners get to learn more about IAMKINGZIION who has learned to fully embrace the process of producing music that creates an impact, stating “the 16th chapel wasn’t painted over night, quality takes time.”

IAMKINGZIION’s dedication to music is apparent in just these five songs on L.L.D.K (Long Live da King). Keep an eye out on his future releases as he continues to develop and polish his musical craft, sharing only the best of what he’s created with the rest of the world.



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