Iced Wrists – “Lie To Me”

Up and coming artist Iced Wrists releases a raw, emotional new single detailing the unexplainable feeling of wanting to be loved while also fearing the loss of somebody you love. “Lie To Me” flows on a soft electronic wave with his tender vocals and heartbreaking lyrics hitting listeners right in the heart.

“Lie To Me” begins with a gentle acoustic guitar transcending into quickened electronic beats and alluring vocals similar to the artist Juice WRLD.

“This was a song I contemplated releasing, it’s very emotional for me,” Iced Wrists admits. “I know somebody will relate to this, and I hope this song helps you feel some sort of hope that things get better and pain will not last forever.”

Iced Wrists shares his deepest feelings on a failed relationship based on deception that many listeners will most likely be able to resonate with and find truth in his words. He wholeheartedly opens up about his feelings in an emotive way that’s both inspiring and captivating.

As an independent artist, Iced Wrists is doing it all to showcase his best releases with the determination, drive, and passion for music that is unmatchable. “Lie To Me” represents a new beginning, not only in a music sense but in who he’s becoming as a person.

Stick around for the rising journey of Iced Wrists as he creates his lane in the music industry. Follow him online to discover his latest music releases on all music streaming platforms!


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