INTRODUCING: Ike Jackson – “Get Outta My Face” (Remix) ft. Jah General, Jah P. Tosh, Nessa Black

Executive producer Ike Jackson has one agenda in mind as he cruises through “Get Outta My Face” (Remix), which will be featured in the soundtrack to the independent hip hop assassin movie RE-UP. The new single shines with the help of Jah General, Jah P. Tosh, and Nessa Black, who each deliver an unforgettable performance against the well produced beats in the background.

Female rapper Nessa Black will soon be showcasing her thrilling lyricism on a major label. Her vocals on the track give each word a unique vibe as they help move the direction of their newest single, “Get Outta My Face.”

“Don’t make me pull up cause the pull up is the same size as me,” she raps.

The catchy chorus “If you ain’t talking money, get the fuck out of my fucking face” flows with a melodious beat we hope stays in our heads for the rest of the day. The flow seemingly all comes together with a beat that fits each one of their vocals and lyrics.

Check out “Get Outta My Face” as each individual artist brings their own flavor and musical experience to the captivating remix.

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