Independent Artist caco Reflects On The Struggles Of Chasing Big Dreams In “and i know​” & “interlood”

Independent artist and “jazz saxophonist by force and a vocalist at heart” caco is releasing his first single “and i know​” along with B-side “interlood​” on January 15th. The year-long project bordering an addictive psychedelic, Latin-tinged sound with a hint of alternative R&B and lo-fi hip hop, is now ready to reach listeners across all digital streaming platforms.

The first single “and i know” reflects on the on his artistic journey as an artist juggling the responsibilities of his everyday life and the hardships every artist experiences in the music industry as they follow their dreams. His reflective and emotive lyrics embrace what he already knows about the unexpected twists and turns of pursuing a long lasting career in the music industry. Regardless of the struggles he’s faced, he knows he has a long journey ahead of him and isn’t letting anything stop him from building his dream life.

“Now I know, I know I know-I gotta be responsible/ But responsible is not the way to go/ No more interrupting my ebb and flow/ I get lost, inside of my thoughts/ Left to connect your dots (Lost in my thoughts)” he raps to a continuously flowing beat built up with a variety of instruments tying in his instantaneously memorable hooks on the risks he’s willing to take to make it all become a reality.

caco is making sure the world remembers his name this upcoming year with music releases sharing his personal stories of chasing his independence and happiness while building his legacy from the ground up. His notable resemblance to artists such as Moonchild, Kota the Friend, Mac Ayres, Jo​ã​o Bosco, Lalah Hathaway, Jo​ã​o Gilberto, Nate Smith, H.E.R, BJ the Chicago Kid, and Snoh Aalegra have paved the way to a unique identity forming with his chosen artistry name under his father’s nickname, signifying his familial roots in music.

The entire team consisting of caco (vocals, tenor sax, flugelhorn, rhythm guitar, keys, production) Sen Raines (vocals, bass guitar), Derick Campos (solo guitar), Stephen Oduro (drums), Chris Hedden (extra production), Hansel Romero (extra production, mixing), and Joshua Pleeter (mastering) accomplishes to produce a memorable single that listeners and independent artists will be able to connect with after the first listen. Instrumentally, be prepared to hear a well-produced single including a long continuous groove with mesmerizing vocal harmonies layered with feel-good energy setting the mood for his future releases leading up to his upcoming album.

Following the release of “and i know” is the single “interlood,” which takes a different approach by allowing the jazzy instrumentals to take over the short 2-minute single. The relaxing single creates a calming atmospheric feel signaling the fresh start of something new. It feels revitalizing listening to the jazzy instruments build one thing out of nothing with the backing vocals set in place.

Please stay tuned for the official releases of “and i know” and “interlood” on January 15th on all streaming platforms!



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