Indie label DEF METAL VEGAN has debuted its 2021 collection “CRANK UP THE KINDNESS!”

The concept for the new line have been created in collaboration with Polish artist Damian Augustyniak. Damian has made a name for himself on the Rock and Metal scene working with bands such as Sabaton, Slayer, Exodus and Joey Ramone. The collection seeks to bring in the energy and power embodied in his signature Metal style and fuse it with a message of kinder and more compassionate living.

The DEF METAL VEGAN brand is the creation of Boris and Dani, a husband and wife duo from Sydney, Australia. About the origins of their brand they explain that they wanted to combine their love of all things metal with a desire to encourage more people to live a lifestyle kinder to our planet and all its creatures, making more cruelty-free choices and switching to plant-powered food sources where possible.

“We wanted to create a brand that would have a positive message, and especially appeal to people who are not already living a plant-powered life. We want a message that gets out there and makes a real positive impact in society. This collection underscores that message, encouraging people to be more kind, by considering their choices in what they eat, what they wear, how they travel, what products they have in their homes. The opportunities are endless and new more ethical options are springing up in every area of our lives, it is an exciting time for anyone interested in sustainable, ethical living.”

Damian’s designs have captures this message, using a combination of designs that echo his metal design roots, with elements that represent plant-powered energy. “Damian helped us come up with this fun concept of the “heavy metal nymph” thats we just love and that really captures what we wanted to express.”

In regards to the rock aesthetic of the brand Dani adds “I’ve often found myself struggling to find clothes that still have that rock edge but also comfortable and can be worn day-today and I know many people out there feel the same. So we decided to create a brand we’d wear to look and feel good, as well as do good!”

In line with the ethic of the brand, 5% of all purchases will be donated to a cause of your choice. Currently 10 choices of NGO to support are offered, in the US, UK and Australia. These range across animal rescue and sanctuaries, organisations promoting veganism and those that aim to protect endangered species or injured wildlife, including Goats of Anarchy,Veganism is the Next Evolution and Farm of the Free Animal Sanctuary.

The collection can be found at


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