Indie-Rock Trio Danica Dares Releases Emotive “Paranoia Party”

UK Indie-Rock trio Danica Dares tell stories of self-reflection, discovery, love, and loss during a time where there was lots of uncertainty over the future. Formed in 2020 as the world scrambled to find its footing in the midst of a chaotic year, they come together to share introspective stories with a sound that encompasses everything from 80s synth, to spoken word and choral music.

Following the release of  “Giving It Away” off their debut album Curating The Lunatic, Harriet McBain (Vocals & Lyrics), Jon Haines (Bass & Electronica), and Richard Sanderson (Guitars) reflect on their lives in “Paranoia Party” with the captivating, emotive sounds of electronica, atmospheric guitar lines, and an honest, dark lyricism holding together the haunting yet impressively produced storyline. The single easily keeps us hooked from the very beginning.

Danica Dares takes listeners on a journey unlike any other, especially with their interesting take on how the state of paranoia can seamlessly flow through our lives. The importance of sharing these crucial conversations is one of the reasons to check out this band currently on the rise and leaving nothing behind as they release new music. Also, make sure to check out the release of Curating The Lunatic.


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