Indie/Alternative Artist Wolf (Julia Wolf) Releases A Magnetic Sound & Melody In Latest Single “Hoops”

Italian-American songwriter, Queens native, and indie/alternative artist Wolf (Julia Wolf) is a force to be reckoned with in 2021 with new music highlighting her New York roots, creative endeavors, and overall positive outlook on life. Her honey silk vocals and confessional, stream-of-consciousness lyrical style of the classically trained pianist, vocalist, and self-taught creative individual is an impressive element separating her from new up-and-coming artists.

Making her debut in 2019, Wolf introduces listeners to her signature modern flare and 808s genre-bending music reaching millions of listeners monthly on Spotify. “Hoops” is the latest single displaying her charismatic nature and clever rhymes also shown in the live acoustic version of the single. She celebrates those good friends surrounding her while staying nostalgic about the special moments shared together in hopes of inspiring listeners to continue staying connected with one another. The smooth production in her seventh single of 2020 takes her artistry to new levels, capturing how quickly she’s soaring through the music industry. The debut EP self-titled “Julia” is currently available for streaming.


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One thought on “Indie/Alternative Artist Wolf (Julia Wolf) Releases A Magnetic Sound & Melody In Latest Single “Hoops”

  1. Awesome write up! Hoops is the song that got me listening, MagSafe is the song that will forever live rent free in my head, and High Waist Jeans gives me life. Everything else is pure magic.

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