Intelligent Diva Brings Out Sexy Single “Sexy Walk”


You know you’ll have a good time with a song when it starts on a little playful laugh and a bad-ass attitude. And that’s exactly the case for Intelligent Diva’s latest tune, “Sexy Walk”. After a brief eight seconds in which a deep, seductive man’s voice tells you know much he loves the way his lady walks across the room, we encounter Intelligent Diva.

The song begins on a cute but provocative little laugh which then transitions into a powerful, yet sultry tune. Intelligent Diva’s unique voice playfully boasts of how this man loves her sexy walk and how pleased she is with that. Because who doesn’t love being appreciated and admired?

It’s funny, but from the very first seconds, even before the song truly “begins”, Intelligent Diva has you feeling right at home and manages to give you that exact feeling – that you are admired and appreciated. And most of all, that you are sexy. And how many songs can make you feel this way?

“Sexy Walk” is about all that, but it also has a little more meat, as they say. It’s not simply about walking across the room, it encompasses an entire attitude. A way of life that is unapologetic and bold, in your face. It’s a great song, not solely for women, but I think women can and will appreciate it more than men, because it has much more meaning for them.

To me, “Sexy Walk” isn’t just about having a sexy night together with your lover, but it’s about who you are. It’s about owning the way you walk into any situation and loving yourself, flaws and all. Acknowledging that your walk is sexy and your steps valuable isn’t just about sex or a one night thrill.

It’s about everything that you do in this life, about knowing how to laugh, especially in the face of stress or adversity. It’s about holding your head high (and your middle finger higher, as they say) and being your true self in any situation. Because that is the sexiest thing of all.

And it seems Intelligent Diva has managed to own that masterfully. In her slow, seductive rhythm and the assertive beats in the background, you can’t help but give a little smile and put on your crown. And I love this song for it.

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