Interview: Abledsoul Overcomes Fears To Produce Intriguing New Music

Abledsoul is natural born storyteller. His creativity runs deeper than the music released he’s dropped, catching us off guard in a deep but pleasant way. He has been performing, writing, and working with Grind core, Death Metal, Industrial and Noise music since 1989.

From the hardoworking nights putting his music together to the laidback days when he gets to do what he loves, you know Abledsoul is out there doing his thing.

Learn more about this intriguingly passionate new artist, Abledsoul:

Welcome! Please tell us more about yourself and your music.

Thank you, my music is the way that I communicate I’m I have a hard time expressing myself emotionally but I am very emotional I taught myself everything I’ve had a love for music since before I can remember and I remember song since before I could love.

Honestly the thing is that I have a very wide taste in music just like almost everybody does I remember seeing some people complain that parents were going to the concerts with their kids and cuz they both like the same music music has been my therapist, there’s nothing evil or hateful in my music however there is a lot of pain and suffering and not understanding the world that we live in. My latest album took me six years to create because when I started doing my sophomore album the follow-up to songs for artificial intelligence I lost the only person that ever cared enough to link me to this world.

Began to feel like I just didn’t belong here everything about me was backwards and different but I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet I tend to be a little bit wordy and I thought that at first that’s why people cut me off so I’m quiet and normally when I speak it’s only because I have something to add to what you’re telling me. So I guess you can say that my music is the perfect expression of who I am now it’s really really a form of fusion I would say if you think about the concepts of fusion I guess you would say that my music is edm/metal fusion but I just like all it. Terror.

What is your writing and recording process like?

I kind of always written poems and in junior college I found a new love I always love music but I figured that I would be an English teacher and I would write novels on the side well like a lot of people I was in a creative writing class and my teacher pulled me aside and said you’re very descriptive of how you use your words have you ever thought about maybe script writing I hadn’t so I took this class in math communication which was from start to finish we had the script we had to shoot it we had to edit it music and everything I fell in love.

So how this fits into what I’m saying is that when I’m writing a story I create a playlist for my characters I create a playlist for the feeling of it and I don’t know whenever I meet people that I find interesting or that I like I create a playlist that are either songs they like or songs that remind me of them when I write a song in a way it’s how I communicate with the energies of the world so like most musicians or artists my songs come out of experiences.

Are there any specific elements you like to throw into your songs?

I don’t know it always happens when I’m creating sometimes I will wind up with 40 or 50 different variations of the same song because of all kinds of different things I might lose it subtle sound that around me I’m not a school musician I can’t read music I basically play my tablature I really don’t know scales I’m working on that actually I’ve been playing guitar for 36 years and I started taking music lessons from guitar teacher I only had you the main thing that I do is I just I go with what I think is cool when I was young my little brother used to watch me play and it was the most awesomest thing it was almost like he was there with me inside this creative world that’s very very hard to find unless you’re like you know incredible or something like that I I just do what I think sounds good and it always kind of hurts me when I do something and I’ll ask somebody else and they’ll go well you’re out of tune or this or that you know a lot of people have a hard time giving a compliment it’s not that I need a compliment I’m not saying here and listen to this because I want you to like it no I’m going like a five year old showing his mother this picture I mean lucky that’s you.

Who are your biggest influences?

When I was eight I went and saw the movie purple rain and you know I liked music and stuff and that I was sitting there in this movie because it was like at the $2 theater and the grown up the parental unit wanted to get rid of us for a while so they’d give us a couple bucks we’ll go watch a movie at the beginning of the movie I saw all these people and they spanked another clothes were different and they were they were different they were they were like me.

A place where all of the d colorful people could be together let’s go crazy this man junked on top of the piano and made the guitars drink it made these sounds and did he started kicking the piano with his keyboards in the lights and I was mesmerized and I think it was a woman about a year later when I like started I guess you would say copy and pasting little parts of princess songs and making my own songs it would be copy and paste but back in those days it was cute tape recorders but I would add my own lyrics and beat and stuff like that I’d add to it so Prince gave me the guitar years later when I found out how kind of similar we were I don’t know amazing I’m not amazing but I do believe that I have finally kind of created my own thing.

Go around High School there was not a lot of guitar in r&b and hip hop in the popular music so one night I was up late and this show came on MTV called headbanger’s ball and believe it or not it was a song by anthrax called Indian and I was blown away I work at the French quarters in New Orleans and this guy had boot links I got the anthrax tape that I you know the bad album I think it was among living and I wore it out I played it. After that heavily into fraction speedmetal and just I couldn’t understand it I used to think that one guitar was playing but you know then the other one would play the other parts and so I wound up 17 to California back to California to stay with my aunt there in Monterey California I met this guy Charles and they were playing some stuff that blew me away I never heard of this it was really into a band called death bad the music was so cool in the downloads for a minute evil of course I was a guitarist but they needed a bass player and I was down I was there and practiced in the garage and that cool hair and it was Monterey California and it was awesome eventually I fell out with my aunt and wound up coming back to New Orleans but I was coming back with death metal.

From there on pretty much right after that but Tampa scene hit with a morbid Angel, napalm deaths who is still like one of all time favorite bands I loved almost everything that they’ve done they’re grinding mixed with noise and and I just think way way way better and I respect them absolutely when you’re in a band when you’re working with other musicians it’s like there’s no feeling like that but this is really not and when they lost their guitarist they just never replaced them and I I love that and I respect those guys.

How did you get started?

I have no idea because obviously my love of music goes back further than I can remember my mom she liked music a lot and I guess she played a lot of music loudly you know to this day there’s still songs that come on from the 70s r&b and stuff like that that I know all the lyrics to but I don’t know how I know the lyrics to them I guess my mom really liked them there was a couple people that have stuck with me and I love a lot from those days Teena Marie, incredible vocalist. but the strangest thing to me is a lot of people will love a song or love a music or an artist because of what they’re saying I don’t know what the heck they’re saying unless the music catches me after I like the music then I’ll start listening to the vocalist strangely enough I’ve always written poems so you would think that I’d be in the vocalist but to tell you the truth singers tripped me out how do they decide to put it there or ah there and I don’t know I just I kind of don’t get it I guess they might feel the same way about musicians I think I’m a backup singer I like singing back outside I just I like to be I don’t want to be the front man I don’t want to write and play all the instruments and do all the vocals on my albums that’s just the way it turned out see once I found film and I could do that I loved it I went to film School however my graduating project with a lot of people say that everybody says this was kind of stolen from me then I started working on my first feature film and it kind of just fell apart money didn’t come through things did and I was trying to do way too many jobs from producing to everything coordinating and food and it was just with way too much and then one of The producers just like took off with half the budget and it broke my heart and it broke my heart so badly that I said screw this I’m going back to music and that was around 2007 however I sat on the album for a couple years I didn’t release it until 2010 why because it was just me it’s just me doing what I love and I didn’t know if it was good or not there was no label saying this is good no radio stations no fans nothing I mean this album as far as I know songs are artificial intelligence was released in 2010 and I think I’ve made about $30 in royalties but on that note there might be a lot more out there because hey I’m just going with the flow I’m creating music and trying to understand the world that I live in and the people around me and why things happen the way they do and when they do I grab my guitar.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I would say that for a kid didn’t even think he was smart enough to go to college and never even taken the SAT test to have now a associate’s degree in liberal arts and doctors degree in music and television and a master’s in business of project management along with that I’ve also studied and moved through the ranks of a dramatic teaching order becoming one of the youngest elder high priest, I’m hoping a long time to happen growing up in the south in the hardcore in the middle scene just ask Rob halford. That I’ve taught myself practically everything that I’ve done and know about music I put together my studio I have no idea if it’s wrong or right and the production sound that I got a couple of songs sound pretty good but the second album the new one the pages of grief that’s the first time I ever mastered or mixed anything and by God that is very very difficult and as soon as I can afford and find the right people I will not be on that end anymore or who knows maybe I will stay on that end and start taking in new people under me. So let me recap I’m a African-American gay extreme metal artist who is also a Wiccan high priest all very scary stuff to some people but the people who know me they know me I’m I’m a good person I love people in April of this year my heart broke when I learned that there was somebody dying from covid 19 every two and a half minutes in New York I cried but at the same time I have this guy in my house who I was trying to help out because when he came to me you did have a place to stay and it was raining and but he did some pretty dark things and he couldn’t stay with me anymore somebody else had previously stolen my car and the head gasket was blown so I gave him my car even though he came into my home ate up all of my food then believe it or not started feeding me food from the garbage can I’ve always had ever since I was born that I know of these people that just general a lot just do not like me and I don’t know why in fourth grade I remember this specifically fourth grade I was on the playground and some kid that I’ve never seen before walk up and just hit me slug me hard I didn’t hit him back to go with his shock I believe it or not things really haven’t changed too much for me as far as there are people there in this world for some reason that do not like my existence I can see it on their faces but at least now I know. Kind of I really don’t understand my life and I really really am going to look for somebody who’s interested in watching and writing this story of my life actual life you don’t believe it I just kind of want to end it where I’m at now going something’s not right.

But having basically no friends or family around me that will sit and listen and watch and know who I am without any alternative motives because I’ve been portrayed as things that I am just not I always said this if you know who I am and you hear that I’ve done something that does not seem like me it probably wasn’t me. But that’s okay because all I need to do is grab my guitar and close my eyes and pretty soon I’ll be back again I find myself back in tune with the cycles of nature I might not be in tune with the key that I’m trying to play but that’s just how I pray.

How has these past few months of quarantine affected you creatively?

It’s given me a lot of time to realize that I’m never alone even though I’m always alone I really feel that being diabetic and African-American and so many things that people do not like. I learned how to commune with God or the goddess in a new way and it’s giving me time to discover that I can be okay alone I don’t know why being 48 years old now I guess I’ve had a lot of time to look back upon my life and realize that, no I can’t play a mix of religion Dorian whatever but I am a being of light and love and joy and passion and I think it’s time for me to experience things in this world that inspire me and maybe I’ll take a couple lessons and music theory.

How would you describe your sound to someone who just listened to your music for the first time?

First of all my music is not for the faint of heart my music is a experience it’s not anything and it’s everything. I’m not trying to reinvent the will but instead of technical expertise or speed or brutality or beautiful arrangements.

Would I offer is atmosphere a mood a feeling have you ever watched a movie without the music in the background you would find out that music plays such an incredible part in a movie to do what it needs to do and all I want to do is try to interpret how I see things through vibration, atmosphere, and be unexpected the short picture that is what I call an experience in beautiful noise terror.

You have to understand that fear is good a lot of people say fear nothing no no no no no no okay if there is a bus coming at you and you’re you need to fear the but you need to get out of the way that’s why fear exists if we did not fear anything I don’t know how long we would have survived in the grand scheme of things I know that or I would say I believe that humanity is life on this planet is precious we are something that we don’t really know yet we can be still seeds not even manifested into what we are to become like I said I don’t offer you the most technical brutality but if you’re open-minded enough you might hear something there or here and go no that was pretty neat.

(Did I mention I was wordy you see when you’re alone all the time and you realize that you’re never alone how you realize this is because you’re talking to yourself and answering yourself at the same time and then you stop and you start laughing because what you just told yourself was funny as hell.

So when I go with that.

And this shortlisted this is my music is a mixture of extreme metal dubstep dance music classical fusion and maybe a little jazz I think it would be hot to have Billy Ellis sing song you know be cool if this to work with a whole bunch of different vocalists like Carl Santana did I’m not putting myself anywhere near him like that I mean but I get it I get it you know I do what I do and that’s what it is it’s hard to explain a friend of mine who I was in a kind of noise grindcore band called flyswatter which I’m still trying to talk him into doing another one him and Ian Donaldson from England I wanted to another blister album but he listened to the work that the music that I’ve made over the past 30 years yes there’s a lot of similar elements but I think that I kind of finally hit my own thing you know like when you hear Janis Joplin you know bad boys you know Elvis Presley you know Freddie Mercury you know these people because they have through Time to find and create and made their thing even though my thing is just a bunch of other stuff thrown together it’s still done my way and honestly to tell you the truth I’m doing it cuz I like it and I’m hoping the people will like it but let’s face it starting off in a grindcore band and 89 from New Orleans then playing in industrial and experimental noise band almost my whole life I really don’t expect radio plays.

What has been the best moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of? When songs for artificial intelligence Italy and I went Im international!!!

Thank you for speaking with us! For our final question, what do you hope to achieve in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years I would hope to have made some mark in the world. I would love to work with other artists and so many new ways to express ourselves the whole world is different now.

Let’s see what we can turn our experience on this plane of existence into I would like people to see how even though salsa and gangster rap, or techno and Beethoven genco Co exist beautifully.

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