Interview: Ali Blake Encourages Others To Take Action With New Single “Witness”

Singer-songwriter Ali Blake is using her powerful voice to make a difference in this world! Her new album Blood, will be available later this year but for now we can enjoy her latest singles “Biggest Fan” and “Witness.” In this interview, we discuss the releases, plans during this quarantine, and what’s next for her!

Congratulations on your inspiring new release “Biggest Fan”! Are you planning on creating a music video for this single?

Thank you! As of now, I have no plans for a music video due to quarantine, but possibly in the future.

Have there been any memorable reactions from your listeners to this release that you will never forget? 

Some people have said that they really love the groove and that it makes them happy 🙂

How has this time of quarantine affected you creatively? 

Quarantine has been crazy haha. It’s helped in a lot of ways creatively. In April I wrote a song a day, I’ve been getting my garage ready to be a music studio so I can explore production and have an all-hours practice space, and I’ve been learning how to accompany myself better on piano.

What is a good recording session?

A good recording session for me is feeling the freedom to explore different ideas whether I’m alone or with collaborators who understand my vibe without trying. And forgetting that time exists–it just feels like the best vortex to be in.

Who are your biggest music influences?

My influences change all the time, but I’d say Etta James and a ton of Motown artists in general, Sia, Alicia Keys.

Your music video for “Witness” is very unique and clever! How did this entire video come together?

Thank you! My dear friend, brilliant choreographer and producer, Mary Cebrian worked with me in putting it all together. She got the whole team together and fleshed out the concept. I knew that I wanted the focus to ultimately be about the children in the U.S. detention centers and to also help raise money for Every Last One to get these children out. Once the concept was there it all pulled together pretty quickly and was a magical experience.

With goals of performing in the West Coast and shows in Chicago, do you have any special plans for these shows?

My plan is to bring one of my producers along with me so that he’d play tracks as well as keyboard and guitar on tour. I’m currently in the process of seeing if venues will actually be open in the fall. It’s a tricky situation but either way, even if I have to push it back I’m definitely gonna do it 🙂

Do you ever get nervous before you play music live?

Yes, mostly when I’m playing an instrument while singing. I still get nervous sometimes even when I’m just singing but not every time. It’s also a mix of excitement as well.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you so much for having me. I’d like to add that I do hope people will consider donating to Every Last One to help free these children. I also wish everyone the very best during this strange time. Remember to take care of yourself as best you can and be gentle. Sending lots of love.


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