In the previous years, ALLAHJOSEPH has built up his own independent recording label where he has been releasing his own music such as the latest Allahmode: VIII Forever. Read more to hear about the intriguing story and future endeavors:

Thank you for joining us! Congratulations on the release! How are you feeling about sharing this release with the world?

Thank you for your kind regards. Launching my website and sharing my first capsule collection with the world brings up a ton of feelings. As far as the site goes, I’m like— “FINALLY!?” I didn’t think I really needed one, but the pandemic made me adapt in beneficial ways. Additionally, coming from the music industry, clothes are usually seen as a simple ancillary item that people don’t really spend much time developing. Yet, with SPIRITGEAR, I wielded the same meticulousness and creativity used in my approach with music to create a fashion line. I can totally see SPIRITGEAR developing into a stand-alone thing. I am proud of the journey and all of the experiences that led to these beautiful results.

What does this release mean to you? 

This release means materialization and realization. It is important because it allows me to add width to the ALLAHMODE experience and connect with everyone who believes and supports me in a tangible way. With COVID going on, there’s practically no way to throw events, so I wanted to make sure the GOD HAS NO EDGE Records website could be an innovative hub for general participation in culture while simultaneously launching a capsule collection. With being so hands-on with the project, I’ve been able to realize two things: my ideas and how much work and discipline goes into every single piece of this business— from choosing a drum to a stitch width or social media roll out… I realize I wear many hats. Mind you, the hats I choose. So I’m going to figure out how to tailor it to fit my head.. yknow?

Which song was your favorite to produce and why?

I honestly can’t pick a favorite song mainly due to the fact that I’m not sure if I’ve made my best record yet. However, a very special track in my catalogue is BLVCKWAEV. Making that project, particularly, was an extremely eye-opening moment in my musical career. With that project, I feel, I was finally able to synthesize raw storytelling with perfect song composition in a way where I found balance in my production technique. When I first started, about thirteen years ago, I frequently had a problem with over-producing my work. That problem probably lasted until 2017. With that said BLVCKWAEV, the song is one of my favorite tracks because it’s honestly a perfect mix of aspiration and background. Swag rap and struggle bars; done in a tasteful way that could be played on the radio or in the club— everybody can rock with it and potentially learn something.

This release is part of a series. How did this come together and what has the process been like to create it?

Yes. SPIRITGEAR is a part of a series. The ALLAHMODE series. ALLAHMODE series is like my STARWARS. I felt like it was time to put out some action figures yknow? Creating the ALLAHMODE series has been a process of discovery— Locking into my sound, figuring out what matters to me, and different ways to communicate the same idea. I surprise myself all the time. SG is like a 3D expansion pack. Honestly, the ALLAHMODE series originally started as one musical project— a three-song EP. The goal of ALLAHMODE (EP) was to provide people with an amuse-bouche that gave an idea of how adaptive/versatile and soulful my music is. The goal has always been to make things with a spirit of aspiration and luxury. For SG being a fashion line— I fell in love with fashion around the same time I fell in love with music and put in a substantial amount of time and dedication to fashion. With an understanding of the climate of fashion for the past forty years, I believe it’s important I, and more people who look like me, are participating in the production/creation/sale of it.

How did you first get started in music? 

I’ve always been in love with music. Since a child, I heard my mother sing hymns. My older sister is also a great singer. One of my older brothers wrote my first rap in preschool. Two of my older brothers were professional hip hop artists. Since a kid, I always had an intense curiosity and fascination with how hundreds (if not millions) of individual things come together to create a record. I love it. Music is in my blood.

Tell us more GOD HAS NO EDGE Records LLC. What inspired you to create your own independent record label?

GHNER came about as a miracle project. Originally, I was signed to another label. I signed my first contract at Thirteen-years-old. However, due to unforeseen/unfortunate events, all prior arrangements fell through. At that point, I took it upon myself to make sure I could be the artist I wanted to be— without limits. Hence the name— GOD HAS NO EDGE… Additionally, that phrase came from a series of songs I produced, while in high school, called GOD KNOWLEDGE. I fell in love with that phrase so much, I made a Tumblr, in 2010, and that was the name of the page. The goal was to create a platform for things I believe are of god-caliber. Cleanliness is godliness. That was the ethos of GHNER from the creative side. From the business side, my first introduction to “independent record labels” was actually through my older brothers’ label, KINGS OF THIEVES ENT. I was heavily inspired by their ability. They created a rap-group, a duo, called UNFITTED where they stood as the artists for the label. Wearing many hats, they did everything legit; branding, marketing, persistence, professionalism. I saw the grind go from being mixtape gods to traveling to Texas every two years to record an album. I saw the packing go from cellophane and cut-outs of office paper for album covers to pressing actual CDs in durable plastic casings accompanied with booklets and barcodes. I saw the growth from talent shows to booking shows—successfully. I always wanted to be like my older brothers.

With that said, for the majority of the time of my making music, I didn’t know who anyone was behind the scenes, and I kind of naively enjoyed the bliss in that ignorance. However, I come from a very hustle-oriented family and all of my elders were passionate about the grind and entrepreneurship. So, as I grew and built with the ones around me, there was an inadvertent discovery of self— To be the best I had to learn from the best; Therefore, my influence ranges from guys like Berry Gordy, Sugarhill, Master P, Baby/Wayne, Dame, Jay, Biggs, Diddy, Chris (stonesthrow), Tim n Nick (XL), Tyler (GOLF), and everyone in between. Honestly, I was inspired by and drawn to their work before knowing their involvement— so wanting to know the who, why, what, how, when, and were about them was natural. Additionally, once I took the time to understand them, I knew that the route for me was to carry the torch and do my own thing.

What do you hope to accomplish with GHNERecords in the next year?

In the next year, I want to focus on expansion. Infrastructure and audience. I think it’s important we have more videos, music, artists, events, partnerships, and believers.

Which artists have influenced you through your musical journey?

My main musical influences are a part of the labels I referenced earlier; Namely: Ye, 2Pac, Skateboard P, Prince, Dre, Dilla, Timbo, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Motown, Fela Kuti, Master P, Prince, OutKast, Lil Wayne, Kehinde Wiley, Rakim, Funkadelic, Jimmi Hendrix, David Bowie, and Jay Z.

What would a perfect day be like for you?

A perfect day is one where I spend time with my loved ones participating in life activities, like smoking joints, eating great food, wearing dope gear, being in an inspiring environment, making money doing inspiring things, and getting a chance to interact with the gods— everyone and everything that believes in me and making this dream a reinforced reality.

Are there any specific elements you like to throw into your songs?

The only specific element I throw into my songs is SPIRIT. Beyond that, I just go with the flow, create with the best tase possible, and without edge.

Catch us up with your life! Are you currently working on any special projects?

Life is good. I’m healthy and focused. Right now, there are a bunch of projects on the way that I’m very excited about. The next musical installment for the ALLAHMODE series is gonna be really dope. I love how the cohesion of these projects just falls into place… Yeah, in short, I’m just keeping my head down and keeping my energy up!

What makes a great recording session?

A great recording session has all the luxury you need to be the best you you can be. For me, that luxury is my woman, my homies, a beautiful and comfortable environment, good food, a lot of water, mad dank, some alcohol, hella plug-ins, good ideas, great sound system, powerful computer, great mic, keyboard, drummed, and God. When I say God, I thoroughly believe in the idea of “let go and let god.” Oddly, in the vein of being surprised during the creative process, I believe god sends me my most fire ideas. when I keep my body, mind, and soul open to the spirit, the holy one— with the best taste, anything is possible.

What would you say was the single most influential factor in your success?

To my success, so far, I believe I’m here because of my consistency and faith. I thoroughly believe God meets you halfway in anything you want to achieve — with proper praise and promptness. So, I move at my highest state of consciousness and at the best frequency I can be on; getting what I give— consistently. This could be understood as an adaptive augmentation of Japanese physicist, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s, understanding of vibration and energy.

Who has made the biggest impact on your life so far and how?

My mother has made the biggest impact on my life. Understanding her story and coexisting with her— knowing how much growth she’s experienced in her personal life (being such a positive and strong woman), and how much change she’s been able to adapt to, honorably, in this crazy world— coupled with her insane work ethic… Like bro… Jesus. If there’s anyone who’s closest to Christlike, it’s her. Furthermore, being her son, I can’t let her down. And I don’t mean in a weird manipulative way where she has control over my decisions, but I mean I gotta pay it back. She hustled sooooooo crazy for me and never betrayed me regardless of whether or not she’d receive an ROI. So, in all of my strength, I make sure that what I’m doing will make it possible for me to pay it back and forward.

Thank you for speaking with us! For our final question, is there anything else you would like to add?

I appreciate the interview. I send kind regards and all love to you and yours. I hope I was able to be informative and hope you enjoyed the perspective. Keep it Godly and talk soon, yeah?!


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