Interview: Artist 2Four Releases EDM-Inspired Track “Light Show”

Nashville native 2Four is a creative and versatile Hip Hop artist we’re proud to feature on Music Trails today! After honing in his skills as a writer and growing appreciation for all genres, he started impacting others with his music. Read our interview where we discuss his merch, newest single “Light Show,” and more!

How has this quarantine been going for you?

It’s been going really well for me actually. It allowed me the time to kind of slow down and work on things that usually would take a lot longer because I’m on the go so the time has been beneficial for sure.

Your combination of gritty old school Rap and modern Hip Hop/R&B is impressive! In what ways were you able to create a sound of your own?

That is a great question and to be honest I have always had this sort of different style and it just took me working on my craft and getting feedback from people listening and just me evolving as an artist. The lovely part about it is it’s all natural. I never have needed to feel like I have to fit in with the crowd or rap a certain way or fit anybody’s mold of what they think sounds good and works so really I’m just being myself and my love and passion for it molded my sound.

What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to a lot of rap and R&B, but mostly the R&B so that’s probably where my melodic style sort of comes from. Then I started to experience different things and when I went to private school from around 7ish grade to my freshman year, I really started building friendships and experiencing things with people who don’t look like me so the culture was different and I started listening to some rock and pop and EDM was really starting to grow into the behemoth it is now and I just took all that and mixed it into one. That’s why I have so many different styles and ways to ride the beat and just love experimenting with sounds and love so many different genres.

You just released “Party Time,” an empowering track about following your dreams and putting in the work to get there. How did this song come together?

Well it was really more of just about having a good time and almost celebrating life. Life is too short to be not thriving and having a good time so that’s just where the mindset came from. The lyrics and such just came after a night out in my city of Nashville and just catching vibes all night and having a good time and I wrote the song in like 30 min.

What was your favorite part of the production?

Well my favorite is always being in the studio and creating and that will always be. I just love experimenting and hearing it all come together especially when my vision of what I had in my head is fully fleshed out and recognized during the process. Then of course the release and letting people finally hear it is always a fun time.

Your merch is really cool. What inspired you to start selling your own?

It’s really been a long time coming on that front. I have always loved fashion even though I’m not like a fashionista or anything but just having your own product and a potential way to diversify and such was definitely a priority. I have more ideas for merch and fashion coming as well that I can’t mention just yet, but this is just the very tip of the iceberg.

What do you hope your listeners take away from listening to your music? 

I really just want people to feel something. Have some sort of connection or emotion to it. I know we all can relate to each other in different ways so that is how I try to connect. I don’t really care about being the biggest name or like super celebrity or anything I just want to make good music that people love and can feel an make a living doing it. That has always been my mindset.

Before “Light Show” dropped on May 15th, how do you hope listeners react to listening to this track?

It’s been a while since I dove back into the EDM space and had that sound going so I am definitely intrigued to see how it is received. It won’t be for everyone and it’s not meant to be. I write music and create things that I like and enjoy, and I know that a lot of people might not be expecting a rapper to dive into so many genres and just creating so freely. With that being said, I think it’s such a dope vibe and sound and hopefully people enjoy how I flip the script and experiment.

The title name sounds like it would have some cool visuals included. Are you planning on creating a music video for it?

Well at first it was apart of the plan but with a lot of people still quarantined and staying socially distant, which we should be, it may not be realistic with the time cycle to get one done, but you never know. We shall see and maybe down the road I’ll reapproach it and do something. There will definitely be a lyric video though so won’t be completely without visual.

What can fans expect from you this year?

More! More music is definitely coming down the pike and more of me being active on socials and interacting with people and continuing to build my fanbase and depending on how things with covid shakes out, maybe do more traveling and doing shows and such so stay tuned because I have a lot in store for the rest of the year and the future.


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