Interview: Astrid B Chimes In On Her Music & Future Releases

Belgium artist Astrid B speaks with us about her musical inspirations, creative interests, and growing discography! Learn more about her down below:

Astrid B, we are so happy to have you chat with us. We’re aware that you’re all the way from beautiful Belgium! What would you say is your favorite part of the music scene in Belgium?

Hi, I’m happy to be talking to you as well. My favorite part about the music scene here is the jam sessions. They helped me get started in the Brussels music scene eight years ago. It’s a great way to meet other musicians, practice improv, play music with friendly strangers and just have fun.

Name a city that you would love to explore the music scene in!

Hard to pick. There’s a lot to learn in any city, though I’d really like to discover New York City’s music scene.

Who are some artists who you admire in the industry?

Billie Eilish, Dave Grohl, Aurora, Leprous, Thank You Scientist, Vulfpeck, Isaac Gracie. There are more, but these are the ones that came to mind instantly.

On your social media there are some beautiful snaps of you jamming around in nature. What would you say is different about creating music when you’re amongst nature?

It’s a lot more peaceful. There are no distractions. I think my emotions are more pure in nature as well and it’s easier to get in touch with them.

Your website says that you’ve had a classical music education. Has that influenced the music you’re making now?

It definitely has. It has taught me the importance of every note and that less is more. A few notes or a few chords can say a whole lot. It has influenced how I make my arrangements as well and how to create harmony or tension. It has also influenced my work ethic and taught me that you can only get better if you practice every day and keep trying.

What is something in your life that fuels your creative inspiration?

Words. Either random words, something I hear people say in the streets, conversations, poetry, books… They often inspire memories, feelings, stories that turn into songs.

Tell us where we can listen to your latest track and where to find you on social media?

You can listen to my lastest EP “Ballads of a Young Mind” on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and any other platform you might use. You can find the video for my song “Weight of the World” on YouTube.

You can also follow me on Instagram (@astridb.official) and Facebook (Astrid B.) or find all of this on my website ( 

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