Interview: Born Animal Releases Inspirational “Last of Your Kind”

Born Animal come together to discuss the release “Last of Your Kind” and what they have planned next! Check it out:

We are chatting with Born Animal today. Welcome guys! Fill us in on what your 2020 has looked like? 

Ryan: Thanks so much, we’re excited to be here! 2020 has been a rollercoaster-like no other, and I think everyone feels that way. There’s been a lot of time spent at home but the isolation has given us a chance to dive into ourselves and explore new ideas. Our new song “Last of Your Kind” is really a result of that exploration. We felt like it was time to cast off the restraints we put on ourselves and do something totally out of the box. There’s never been a better time than 2020.

Stephen: Thanks for having us! Yeah, 2020 has been crazy for everyone. I think the healthiest thing to do is adjust and focus on what you can do in these quarantine times. We focused on our music and really put a lot of heart into this new release. We took a lot of risks and tried a lot of new things, but I couldn’t be happier with what we’re putting out.

Adam: So glad to be here! Gosh, 2020 has been weird. Honestly, the pandemic kept me really busy with work in addition to writing music with the guys! I will say I’ve had a lot more free time to myself. I’ve picked up some new hobbies like disc golfing, and had more time for old ones. But, with all that’s happened I can honestly say we have really worked hard to use this time to invest back into our music.

You have a new single dropping today – fill us in on the process of this release? How long has it been in the works?

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Ryan: This song was actually written over a year ago. Stephen and I wrote the riff in our kitchen one afternoon and demoed it a few days later. I didn’t have any lyrics in mind, but after listening to the demo on repeat, all the words just fell out of me in just a few minutes. No edits were made from that first version and that’s what you hear on the recording. I can’t say that about any of our other songs. When the pandemic rolled around, we knew we had to spend some time on this song, even though it’s sonically different from our previous releases. The message was so appropriate for what we’ve been going through as individuals and as a country. Having the rap feature by MULU (Uniontown, PA) was really just the icing on the cake. If you had told me six months ago that one of our songs would have a rap feature, I probably would’ve laughed in your face.

What do you hope listeners feel after they listen to the new single? 

Ryan: I hope they feel badass and energized! Like they have the spirit to take on the world and the system and come out victorious. I wish it was as simple as creating and listening to music. Obviously there’s so much work to be done in our world and I hope Last of Your Kind can be the fuel to the fire of real change.

Stephen: I hope they feel like they could karate chop a tree down! But don’t try that guys.. We can’t handle another situation like that. Seriously though, I hope they feel as excited to listen to it as we are to share it with everyone, I hope they feel the groove and the need to move!

What keeps you motivated to write and create new music? 

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Ryan: My motivation comes from the magical moments that happen when writing and recording. Sometimes it’s a grind. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is pick up the guitar and try to create, but I know it’s what I was meant to do. Even if I don’t write that day, I know I’m just saving up energy for the next time I do. The frustration is worth it for the lines that don’t get out of your head or the moments of recordings you can’t stop listening to. That’s what gives me life.

How would you all define success?

Ryan: Success for me means doing music full time in any capacity. My ultimate goal is to be the triple threat: to write, produce, and record as an artist. I’ve produced for a few artists here in Nashville and I honestly like it more than being an artist sometimes. It feels good to put a little distance between myself and the art being created. There’s a certain freedom when I’m not overly precious with my ideas. It’s fun to toss something out there and not really care if it gets shot down. When working on my own music I’m probably too precious for my own good sometimes.

Stephen: I think success, for me, is just living off making music. Playing shows, studio gigs, touring, you name it. I feel very lucky to find a craft so fulfilling, so I’m not too worried about any other metric as long as I can keep the lights on! There’s always someone else who you can point to who is a “better” songwriter, bass player, teacher, etc. In the end, it’s not about being the best, it’s about being you.

Tell us where we can find your new single and connect with you online?


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