Interview: Crow Buntry Discuss New Single “Whiskey Dick Picnic”

Join us in welcoming Crow Buntry as we showcase their newest release “Whiskey Dick Picnic!”

Welcome Crow Buntry and congratulations on your new single “Whiskey Dick Picnic.” What’s the single all about?

Crenshaw Buntry: It’s all fun and games until you have too much whiskey and wake up on a blanket in the middle of a field wondering where your girl ran off to.

Rude Buntry: Sometimes you just need a nap…

Dick Buntry: It’s about spreading Whiskey Dick awareness really.

What was the intention when you first started creating this song or did it naturally happen on its own?

Magpie: We all was drinkin beers one night, Shiner Bocks if my memory serves me right and just started to jam this tune into being. The guitars took some fine tuning but the song came natural as a hike in the woods.

Crenshaw: We all seemed to have our own stories of being in a Whiskey Dick Picnic kind of scenario, ya know the stories started flowing and the tune came together pretty quickly.

Are you planning a music video?

Dick: HELL YEAH!!! And we’re plannin’ on hirin’ Joe Exotic to direct and produce from his film studio in the big slammer. He better not burn these tapes….

Tell us more about the band and how it formed – it is a really different take on the industry standard. We would love to learn more. 

Rude: I betchu you would!

Crenshaw: This is just about good ole’ boys having a grand ole’ time returnin’ to grassroots of making music with your buddies..

Dick: We come from a bunch of different musical backgrounds, so we throw all of those backgrounds in a hat, then we throw away the hat n’ do what we want.

How would you describe the bands sound to someone who just listened to your music for the first time?

Dick: Its Funtry. It’s like country, but fun.

Ray M: Shut up Uncle Dick, I’d describe it as good music with a classic country and southern rock vibe.  Kinda meant to keep y’all on your toes and waiting for what comes next.

What inspired you to start creating your own music as a group?

Dick: We’re of the mind that when you find good honest hard workin’ folks, you keep’em around.

Crenshaw: The level of comfort that the boys have with each other from playin’ together for 15 years, is truly a breeding ground for some killer tunes.

Ray M:  We wanna make music that we would enjoy. Don’t matter if it’s on the back porch or driving in your truck with the windows down. We want to hear a sound that ain’t on the radio.

What’s your writing process like?

Magpie: Hunter S Thompson’s writing process just imagine the Budweiser of that.

Dick: Add in some good Bourbon n’ you got it.

Which artists do you mostly identify your music with?

Magpie: Well definitely Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, Dwight Yoakam, can’t go wrong with some George Strait and Willie Nelson as well. Our musical tastes are varied from 311 all the way to Bob Dylan and and Gordon Lightfoot. Modern groups we enjoy are Old Crow Medicine Show, Dispatch, Roots of a Rebellion, Sturgill Simpson, Margo Price, Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real, and Tyler Childers.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! What can fans expect from you this year?

Magpie: More music including a song, which I think is our best yet, it’s about Broadway in Nashville and the change of the town over the years. I think I may have said too much on that one, our manager Marty is gonna kill me for that.

Dick:  I’ve had a little time off the road to contemplate the errors of our society, so I got a little ditty about legalizin’ country and livin’ the simple life away from the hustle n’ bustle.  Should be comin’ either end of summer or the end of days, whichever comes first in 2020.


Crow Buntry

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