Interview: Dawn Rix Reveals Upcoming Christmas Single

Dawn Rix joins us again to discuss her music and the upcoming release of her Christmas music! Make sure to check out our interview:

Please tell us more about your latest single!! What was your journey while writing this fabulous song? 

“One Love Fits All” is an amazing song with a universal timeless meaningful message we all near to hear and apply to our lives! Although it was penned by Corey Lee Barker, Sandy Ramos and Melissa Leigh it was as if I were in the writing room with them spilling my heart and they were reading my mind.

If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be and why?

The comebacks are always way bigger than the setbacks! God keeps his promises! Some days you need to cut  yourself some slack! Never give up on life or love!!

We hear there is a CHRISTMAS song on the way!! What can you tell us about this without giving too much away??

YES!!! Yes!!! YES!!! “Home With Him (for the Holidays)” was written with Hallmark in mind by ME and Corey Lee Barker!  Instantly will put you in the Holiday Spirit, have you singing along and dancing around the fireplace! Let’s just say it is a reminder to Santa what is on my Christmas Wish List!!!

How does Nashville treat the independent artist and tell us about your beginnings in a small town!!

Nashville is my Happy Place! A town that welcomes with open arms dreamers like myself!! Full of opportunities for Independent Artists. Coming from a small town where your fans and supporters are considered family I get that same feeling in Nashville among fellow musicians and artists! ♡♡♡

Where do you see your music taking you in the next year? 

I’m hoping “One Love Fits All” gets Nominated for Song of the Year! I would love to get out on the road and tour! To sing on the Opry Stage again is a must!! Would love to collaborate with some of my musical influences!

How can our readers continue getting updates and more info about your latest releases?

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