Interview: DJ Alonzo Logan Dominates The EDM Music Scene With Newly Released Singles

Alonzo Logan is a DJ and electronic dance producer based in San Diego, CA, where he records and performs live for large crowds of EDM fans.

Our interview dives deep into his current and past releases, favorite accessories to use while performing and regular life as a DJ. Read on as you’ll find out about this talented DJ you’ll quickly become obsessed with:

Thank you for speaking with us. Please introduce yourself to our readers!

Thank for you having me. Hello everyone, My name is Alonzo Logan and I’m a music producer and DJ from San Diego. I’ve been making music for a few years now.

I really got into music when I was in high school but it was more for fun then serious. Then around 2016 I got into a project with Tania Cassette called 8IM and thats when I started taking music more seriously. Around the same time is also when I got into EDM.

You released “Hidden Paradise” back in 2018. Do you have any plans of releasing a new album anytime soon?

Eventually I think I will, but I still have alot to learn before I can jump into another album. It takes alot, not just from the music side of things but also from the business side as well. I have a really good idea though how I want my next album to be.

What was the inspiration behind the 10-track album?

It’s funny because my intention was never to release all those songs on an album. My plan was to release and push each song individually. But I was so excited for people to hear them all so I said ” Ehh why not? “. You can bet my team was not a huge fan of that decision.

With single releases like “With The Sound,” “Last Samurai,” “Thinking Of You,” “Stuck On You,” which release of yours has been your favorite so far and why?

I really love all of them! But if I had to pick one, I would have to say “With The Sound”. Not because it’s my latest release but more because I was able to work with Tania Cassette again. Who happens to be one of my closest friends. She did an absolutely amazing job on that song. Here’s a bonus round, my second favorite release would go to “Thinking Of You” with Hiro. I love how that one came out too.

Are there any DJs or artists that have influences you to continue creating music? Who are they?

Definitely one of my biggest influences growing up was The Cataracs, now known as KSHMR.

Please tell us more about your sound. Do you follow a specific process or do you go with the flow?

Well the thing is, I usually go into a song with an idea. That idea may be a melody I just thought of or a vibe I want to go for. I don’t try to stick with just one sound because I want my music to be pretty open. That’s why sometimes one track will be a big room song and the next one may be a future house song.

Your style is a huge reflection of you as a public figure. What’s your favorite clothing brand to wear?

I’ve always been a huge fan of fashion. But my favorite brand hands down is Balenciaga.

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What’s it like to perform? Is there anything you miss about it since we’re all in quarantine?

Pretty nerve wrecking but still so much fun. I just miss the whole feeling from the start of the day to the end of the night. Just being able to play my music for people and having my friends right there with me. Not to mention the after parties but that’s a story for another day.

Do you have a favorite pair of headphones that you like to use?

For playing, my favorite headphones are the V Moda. And for listening to music, I’ll have to go with the Bose 700.

Is there anything you hope to accomplish in 2020?

Honestly just like everybody else, I really don’t know what’s going to happen. But as of now I just plan on releasing alot of new music and merchandise. Hopefully I can still give everyone another show in 2020 but only time will tell. Before I leave, I just want to say Thank You to everyone whos been supporting me. It’s an amazing feeling to have people who enjoy your music as much as you do. And thank you Music Trails for having me.



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