Interview: Gage Drops The Latest “Hyper Space” Ahead Of Upcoming Album

Inspired by old school music such as Motown, Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Jay-z, Nas and 2pac, independent Hip-hop artist Gage discusses his latest release “Hyper Space” with us. Check it out down below:

Thanks for joining us! Please tell us a little about yourself!

Thank you for having me. My Name is Gage and I am an independent Hip-hop recording artist. My birthday is July 23rd, I’m a Leo, love to watch movies and being by the ocean.

Congratulations on the release of “Hyper Space”! What does this release mean to you?

Thank you. This release means alot to me because its the second time I get to rap on a alchemist beat and also unlike the last project lord of the fly where I didn’t release a single this one I did to give the supporters a preview of what they can expect on the new album Lord of the fly 2. So just being able to give them that first single before the album was big for me.

What was the writing and recording process like?

It always starts with the beat for me. I’m not one of those artists where you can just throw any beat on and say write to this. My gift is based all on inspiration so once I heard this beat I was inspired immediately. I haven’t really put pen to paper since March 2006 and it’s not only freestyling I do. I think up the lyrics or they just come to me outta thin air soon as I hear the beat. My muse gets to work and the beat dictates what I’m going to say so for this I came up with everything in less than 15 mins. I was thinking up the lyrics and recording it on the spot so I came up with the first 4 bars, laid it then 4 more, laid that till the song is done the recording process is always fun because its all based on insipiration and when you’re insipred to do something its always fun.

Which lyric would you say is your favorite and why?

That’s hard to say because I consider myself one of those emcees that doesnt slack on any bar. I try to make every bar and lyric just as potent as the last i wouldnt even do my listens the disservice of just saying anything to advance my lines on a song every lyric is important because its a art piece to me. Each line is a quoatable or a Double entendre or the rhyme scheme, wordplay and metaphors I use to make it very ineresting for the listener and if you love lyric driven hip-hop you appreciate it more when u hear the lyrics.

What’s a very good recording session for you?

A good recording session for me is a beat that inspires me soon as i hear it and some of the best strains to twist up I’ve had my own studio since 2017 when one of my friends convinced my to invest in one if i was really serious about music so ive have the freedom to record when i wanted too so all my recording sessions are dope because im always in a familiar comfortable space all i need is the best trees and best beats and the magic happens but if im in someone elses studio I usually there with the engineer with a beat I brought ready to go im really easy to record with I do most my verses in one take ask any engineer I worked with so as long as I have that it’s aways a good recording session.

What has been the most memorable moment of working as an independent artist?

I would say some of the first shows when I was starting out I use to perform with this indie band called Sex & Missiles where we kinda fused hip-hop with indie rock/ rock & roll and just doing those shows and seeing the crowd reaction loving lyrics and just giving me good energy back and then getting to tour the UK with a artist named wonita who was signed to inoccent/virgin records at the time. Being able to visit all those cities in the UK and catching that vibe were some of the most memorable moments for me. I know there are still some memorable moments i want to create as a independent artist in the future but for me doing those shows and getting to travel brought me alot of joy and good memories.

“Hyper Space” is part of your upcoming album dropping in April. What can you tell us about it?

Yes, the upcoming album is called LORD OF THE FLY 2, the sequel to the first one that came out in April of 2020. I call this my “Michael Jackson Thriller album” because I was inspired to create an album where every song was a killer so its 9 dope songs people can vibe, drive and do anything too because its a more elevated verision of the first one and in a few songs I get more introspective so people can see the back stories to things they hear in the music.

What are your hopes in terms of what people will take away from your music?

I hope through my music I can show fans of the Hip-Hop culture that the style we all knew and loved when it was created is still alive and well so they don’t have to get lost in the trendy microwavable music that may be prevalent at this point in time. And also through my music I hope I can bring awareness to any social injustice issue that may be happening in the world. Nina Simone said “An Artist’s Duty Is to Reflect the Times” so I try to do that when I can and also give them something that puts them in a good mood so they can see a artist can be super lyric driven Hip-Hop and still give them something to dance to in the clubs.

What prompted you to choose your artist name – what does it represent?

I am a very meticulous person with everything I do and also a Cinephilia so I was watching the movie “Heat” starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and I saw the name flash on the money truck and since I love money and being a meticulous person it just clicked and when you use it as a Acronym it means “God approves Gage everytime” (G.A.G.E) it represents speaking truth to power in a society that is more sensitive than its ever been.

How have your roots in Washington DC/silver spring MD and now Miami inspired your musical journey?

I also gotta give a shout out to London and New York cause without all these places I wouldn’t be who I am now. I think being around different environments gives you a better understanding of people in general and also not being in one place your whole life helps because in my music I can talk to a wider audience and them relate to me as opposed to a artist. That’s only been his/her neighborhood their whole life and doesnt have that brought perspective I have so it gives me that advantage. In DC we have go-go music and in silver spring MD people pretty much listen to everything and then Miami is the south and New York is the mecca. London is everything you hear from those artist over there so it inspired me to make music that can mix all of that into a sound that a wider audience can relate to when they hear it.

What have been the biggest initial hurdles in pursuing your musical dreams and how have you overcome them?

Initial hurdles when I was starting out would be finding a consistent place to record music and also finding someone with beats that could inspire me those would have to be the initial hurdles and the way I overcame them was by finding a consistent place to reacord and then later getting my own studio and then I found some good produers that inspire me to create. The others now would be just trynna get my music to a wider audience and you need the machine of the music industry for that yes the internet helps but you need that machine if you want to get the music to a wider audience in a big way so thats something I’m still working on now because I know there are alot more people out there that would like my music if they knew it was being made and heard about it.

Creativity is a huge part of an artist’s success. What is your creative process when creating new music?

Very true and it’s my favorite part of the whole process for me it always starts with the music since I can only create when
inspired. I start by looking for a good beat once i find a good beat everything just happens I get a flow of how I want to sound going then the words come to me and the song gets done. I don’t really get writer’s block because I only make music to beats Im insipred by once I find that beat I just let it play on repeat for hours light one up and the magic happens. Or sometimes I could be inspired by a conversation or something I’m watching or reading and will use that energy to find a beat to match the message im trying to get across.

At the moment, are there any artists/albums that regularly inspire you?

Yes I still listen to Biggie and 2 Pac’s albums like they are new I still listen to all Jay-Z’s albums, Nas, the Lox and alot of Griselda. I love what those guys are doing for the culture. I don’t really listen to alot of the new music thats out now they would be the only new people i do listen to.

Which song (yours or someone else’s) has been the most memorable story for you? Whether it’s the writing process, recording sessions or release of the song.

I would have to say when i was making the More rich than famous 2 album. I took a trip to Amsterdam and on the way to
Amsterdam all my music that was for that album got lost on my phone that just stopped working for some reason while i was out there so having to make songs from scratch and it being so well received has to be the most memorable for me because I didnt think I could make something that sounded better than what i had originally had before leaving for Amsterdam and me being able to do that showed me that i had alot of mental fortitude.

Which artists have influenced you through your musical journey?

Michael jackson, Public enemy,NWA, Run Dmc, slick rick, Big daddy kane, The Notorious B.i.g, 2pac, Jay-z, Nas, Jadakiss, styles p, scarface, ugk,mobb deep,
ma$e(first album), pusha T, pharrell, kanye before he became a kardashian was really dope those are just a few who influenced my music.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Just want to say thanks for interviewing me and shout out to Missin’lync, my mom, my sisters, all my Cousins, nieces, nephews anybody whoever followed me on any of my soical media accounts,anybody who every bought some merch, bought some music, streamed my music ever liked any pictures on IG, retweeted my tweets on Twitter, posted my music on their blog, social media page or web site ,anybody whoever helped me do some promo did my photoshoots thank you. I appreciate each and every single one of you and I hope you keep supporting me my this musical journey make sure yall follow me on all my social media that can be located on Thank you.


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