Interview: Gia Woods Discusses “HUNGRY,” Future EP & Upcoming Tour

LA singer-songwriter Gia Woods first emerged on the music scene with her single “Only A Girl” in 2015. Since then, she has clearly always taken charge of the direction of her career. In her latest track “HUNGRY,” Woods makes it clear that the only opinion she’s interested in hearing is her own and she won’t take anybody’s opinions to heart. Read our interview where we speak about the music video release and what’s next for this new rising artist!

1. Please introduce yourself to our readers! 

Hi! I’m Gia Woods and I’m an artist born and raised in Los Angeles.

2. You have an exciting, new song that just came out! What can you tell us about “HUNGRY”? 

Thank you! I’m really really excited because this is the first single off my debut EP, which I’ve been working on for the past year! “HUNGRY” was inspired by a time I was figuring out a lot about myself and what I truly like/don’t like, and I was getting so frustrated by other people’s opinions when I never asked.

3. What inspired the visuals for it?

I wanted the visuals to be a loose narrative following three very confident characters doing their own things on their own terms.

4. Congratulations on your new magazine cover on Gay Times! How does it feel being on the cover and being able to share your story with millions of people?

Oh my god it’s incredible! It’s my first cover and I can’t think of anything more perfect to share my story. I was raised in an old-fashioned, traditional Persian household, so never did I think I’d be this open and vulnerable, so it’s truly an honor!

5. You mentioned in the article how back in 2015 when you released “Only A Girl,” you didn’t find authentic LGBTQ artists you could look up to. In what way has that changed for you since its release?

It’s an empowering time for sexuality and there are incredible artists like Kim Petras and King Princess, and so many others. It’s been amazing to see them rise this past year.

6. What has been your favorite song release so far and why?

I love “Keep on Coming”! I wrote that song four years ago and I still don’t get sick of it.I just love the overall feeling and production. It always takes me back to the time I wrote it.

7. What’s your writing process like?

I typically start on guitar or piano and I sort of just sing the first melodies that come to me, and sometimes they’ll be words here and there, and then naturally I can feel what I want to write about.

8. What has been the best moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of?

Playing my first show on the main stage of LA Pride In front of of 3,000 people! That was insane…

9. Do you have any plans for a tour in 2020?

 Yes! I’m planning on touring everywhere starting with my first co headline US tour. More info coming soon 😉

10. You haven’t released an EP just yet. For your first EP, what’s the biggest takeaway you hope fans take with them as they listen to the songs?

I worked really hard on this EP during a difficult time in my personal life, and I want my fans to learn some of the lessons I learned along the way and reasons to cut negative people and negative energy out of your life.

11. What do you hope to accomplish by the end of this year? 

I want to build and connect with more and more people through my music and meet as many possible fans on the road!

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