Interview: Global Music Digital Offers Rising Artists An Opportunity For Success With Their Music Distribution Services

Global Music Digital helps artists and labels growth their reach with music distribution services that can’t be found anywhere else. Learn more about their collaboration with SONY and ultimate goal for artists in our interview with CEO Nate “Smooth” Hudson!

Thank you for speaking with us! Please introduce yourself and describe your role as CEO of Global Music Digital!

I’m Smooth. I was born and raised in Michigan. I come from a musical family. I started my 1st company at the age of 14 and have been in the industry, professionally, for 20 years. As CEO of Global Music Digital, I oversee every facet of the distribution process. I work with the digital service providers, oversea all marketing initiatives, make sure accounting is accurate, and closely monitor communications, using feedback to improve services.

How was Global Music Digital first created after replacing UGF Digital?

Global Music Digital had been in the plans for many years. At one time there were contractual obligations that prevented the formation of a new company. As business picked up, and we began to see more and more releases, the decision was made for the formation of Global Music Digital, a way to kind of step out of the shadows of UGF Entertainment.

What’s the biggest difference between Global Music Digital and UGF Digital?

UGF Digital was a service provided by UGF Entertainment, whereas Global Music Digital is a company. The services provided are similar, but Global Music Digital has introduced new services which weren’t previously available. Also, Global Music Digital has introduced our new Client Dashboard, which allows artists to log in, set up their releases and view their analytics. That service wasn’t previously offered by UGF Digital.

Global Music Digital offers an important service to artists and labels in the music industry. Since its restoration this month, how has this music distributor reached artists interested in working with them? 

The very first group of artists come from UGF Digital. I hand picked various releases to bring over to Global Music Digital. As far as new artists, we have run some very successful marketing plans, ranging from print to radio, as well as digital ads, which accounted for 47% of the new artists who have submitted music. We will intensify marketing efforts in the next quarter as we prepare for our 1st releases.

How did Global Music Digital become a partner with Sony Music/The Orchard?

Global Music Digital’s connection to Sony Music/The Orchard comes via UGF Entertainment. I’ve enjoyed a relationship with the company for 17 years.

In what ways does this collaboration help your roster of artists?

The Sony machine is huge. Sony Music is the 2nd largest record label in the world. On the publishing side, it’s the largest publisher in the world. On the distribution side, The Orchard is the largest independent distributor in the world. Being able to tap into their network, as well as use their resources, is of great value to any artist I work with.

The Music Video Distribution service distributes artist’s videos on YouTube, iTunes, Hulu, AOL and more. Do you offer any other kind of services? 

Yes, in addition to music video distribution, I am also able to offer film distribution, physical CD distribution, song critiquing, radio campaigns, digital marketing and more. Artists often come to me with specific requests that the typical distributor wouldn’t handle. We can make it happen.

Nate “Smooth” Hudson, what’s the most fulfilling part of working with new, rising artists?

The most fulfilling part for me is to see their hard work pay off. One of the most important aspects of an artist’s career is artist development. Artist development and management allow me to be hands on with an artist. Helping to mold an artist from the ground up, giving him the necessary tools and mindset to be successful, gives me a much greater sense of accomplishment than working with someone more seasoned, who may feel he already knows everything there is to know.

Where do you see Global Music Digital in the next 5 years?

In 5 years I see Global Music Digital being a leader in the world of digital distribution. As the industry continues to evolve, Global Music Digital will evolve as well, continuing to improve our services and   expand our network.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! Is there anything else you would like to add? 

I just want to say to the artists out there, learn the business. Don’t expect to spend $20 and become an overnight sensation. It takes hard work and dedication to succeed in this industry. Don’t do things halfway, and don’t take short cuts. Master your craft and you’ll see great results. Also, realize that this business isn’t for everyone. Just because you like to sing in the shower doesn’t mean you should be singing onstage. Find a job in the industry that fits your skill set and master that. Stay tuned for much more to come from UGF Entertainment and Global Music Digital. And be on the lookout for my book, Beyond the Smoke & Mirrors, coming soon.


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