Interview: Hollywoodalyan Pursues His Wildest Dreams In “Everything I Wanted”

Hollywoodalyan turns a heartbreaking experience into a uniquely fun track detailing the decision to pursue his wildest dreams. Learn more about his single release “Everything I Wanted” and journey as a Full Sail University student to an independent artist:

Thank you for speaking with us! How are you doing today?

I’m doing amazing honestly, Things are looking up! It’s a beautiful day and I’m happy to be speaking with you.

Your newest single “Everything I Wanted” is now available to listeners. What is the inspiration behind this song?

“Everything I Wanted” was written in 20 minutes, recording and mix/master took about an hour. I have been making music for years and this song just recently came to me and I knew it was special. It’s about simple living to your fullest capacity and not putting everything on a halt for others. Instead of making a typical R&B song, I wanted to turn my experience into a fun record, and there are still a lot of subs and mentions in the song explaining how I felt in that instance, but that I’ve grown from it. You were “Everything I Wanted” but on the other hand, time is never promised and we as human beings must have self-love and excel independently.

How did you pick the music for this song?

It’s so interesting, I always check out other producers beat stores and love to collaborate. So this time, I was fortunate to get the beat from Beatdemons, who is an incredible producer, he’s worked for NBC/SNL, Bad Bunny, and more. I really appreciate all his work and he is next level. So happy with the song and the sound altogether.

Will there be any visuals along with this release?

We just released an Official Lyric Video through VEVO and we are talking about a potential video. Yes!

Do you have ideas you can share with us?

We already have the vision kind of mapped out on this one. Don’t want to give anything away.

Do you go to one specific place when you start writing your music? How important is the location where you write your lyrics?

Location honestly does not matter when it comes to writing. I write anywhere and I’ve used my phone, laptop, etc. I write in my mind all the time. Sometimes I start writing something and record a simple voice note so that the melody is not lost. In terms of location, it’s not that important to me while writing. Maybe it helps determine the type of song, depending on my mood that day.

Do you have any specific moments in your life that led you to study Music Production?

Yes actually. I have been writing and singing since I was a kid, I just always had a passion and love for it and now that I’m older I definitely appreciate the idea of expression a lot more. I’ve always messed with keyboards, but then I started connecting it to my computer and it was a wrap from then on. I wanted to learn how to start and finish a song alone. I was an engineer also for friends at a young age, so I decided to go to Full Sail University. Learning about music theory, scales, midi, programing, beat-making, and mixing/mastering was very helpful and I gained a better understanding of the musical side.

With a defining taste in creating music, your upcoming releases/albums will feature sounds within the R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Dance genres. How did you first discover your musical sound?

I’m a 90’s kid, so just retrace the music that era had. I was always influenced by so many people, even till this day with some of the newer artists. The truth is we all inspire each other. I would always sing as a kid, then I started rapping at 16. I would then have to figure out how to use all the elements of myself. Things like recording background vocals, harmonies, stacks, etc. are one of the funnest parts of making a song. My mind is also very sharp and calculated, so that helps the whole process. I’m still discovering my talent every day but I’ve known that this gift, I’ve had for a while. I love making music, whether for myself or for others… It feels like I’m part of a greater purpose.

Are there any specific artists or albums that have influenced you through your musical journey?

Lots of albums, I’m not going to say anyone specifically because there is simply too much to name. All genres too, everything from old r&b to new, old hip hop to new, pop music, 70’s disco, and things I grew up hearing at block parties or at home. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of newer Rap albums. I have a huge music encyclopedia in my head, my friends are amazed when I call out original samples of newer music.

How has your move to the West Coast influenced your career?

When you create all the time, you can literally create everywhere. Moving to the West Coast was more of a personal choice. I’ve been wanting to live here for years and I just couldn’t sit around in NYC anymore. Mad love to Brooklyn and my hometown but the energy was just different to me before I moved and that’s based on being there for 27 years. I am a firm believer in traveling, I feel like our bodies are just physical being and our souls have been traveling for years. We are not meant to stay in one place, especially if there’s toxic energy and the same old environment all the time. To grow, you gotta try n move on. It has most likely influenced my career in terms of being more relaxed and zen. LA gives me less anxiety I guess.

What’s the biggest goal you hope to accomplish by the end of this year?

Announcing my album release date for 2021. That’s when the real journey begins because as much as we have to do press and promote etc. I can start working on a fresh project. Right now there a couple of projects in the world at the same time and I can not wait to start a brand new journey working on my second album.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us! Is there anything else you would like to add?

Follow your boy on Instagram (@hollywoodalyan) and be on the lookout for content. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, it’s all love.



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