Interview: Independent Artist R47 Prepares To Release “Titled Drive”

Welcome R47 to our blog! He’s currently working on releasing his newest single  “Titled Drive,” coming this upcoming October. Read our interview to read more about journey and upcoming releases:

Thank you for speaking with us! Who are you and what do you do?

I’m R47 an independent Artist, Creative, Musician From a small town called Modesto. I mainly make hip-hop music purely for my own enjoyment and where my head is at sometimes stress relieving is my main purpose with the music I create, but I also like the idea that possibly someone else relates to the thoughts and ideas I put out into the world.

Why R47?

If the question is why I picked the name “R47” I can finally answer with the following. I try my best to represent why I first started rapping at all my inspiration came from a rapper named Capital Steez the founder of Pro Era an American hip hop collective group from Brooklyn, New York. The groups reign of freedom thinking music is what i wanted to embody when i first started rapping and ever since then I’ve literally never looked back or thought to care if my name makes sense or not. Although a shorter answer would be my first name is three letters and my artist name kind of resembles it (ie.. Ray, R47) but I’ve always like the first answer more.

You’re set to release your newest single “Titled Drive” next. What does this single mean to you?

I actually think a lot of this body of work as my next staple in the industry, this is the one time I’ve felt like I’m proving to myself and the listeners there’s more to me than just being some bedroom rapper, there’s more to my art then just rapping some random lyrics. I tried to put my all in the performance, lyrics, and mix of the song because i truly want people to resonate with the story I’m presenting as much as i did when i was writing it.

You share a deep sense of openness and vulnerability in your songs that your listeners can identify with. How important is it to you to be this open with them?

I think it’s a healthy balance at times, when you’re not open with yourself inside of the art you create you get a murky sense of overtone and unguardedness so i try my best to be as real as possible with the work i put out regardless of what i rap or the songs about at times i promise that I’m speaking from experiences I’ve had myself and seen throughout life.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I really would like to say i hope they walk away with a feeling of relief at times but not everyone listens to music to find relief some people listen to escape, But if i had to pick one main thing it would be inspiration. If there is a chance i can plant that seed in someone’s brain and motivate them enough to do what they want in life and overcome I’ll feel greatly about it.

Who are your biggest music influences?

A lot of the old school, boombap rap got me into writing and recording myself. Although if i had to make a list of rappers that influenced me I’d say Capital Steez, K.i.D (KYLE), Hooliganradguitar5, Russel (D-Pryde), Devante Fields, Aero Sandhill, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and the list could go on but it ranges from very independent rappers to the ones with big names.

2020 has been a long journey for many artists coming up in the music industry. How has this year changed the game for you?

I really appreciate this question, I often have been thinking to myself at what cost am I still doing all of this for when I realize the crises the worlds going through who’s really out here looking for artists like me to listen to. I also realized that its time I do what I want and follow my heart nothing else matters besides the people I love and care about and what I find enjoyment in so 2020 has made me go the full mile with what I’m doing which is why I’m here and thankful to be answering your questions.

Do you have any specific moments that make you think “this is it” towards pursuing your music career more than ever before?

There was a time back in late 2017 when i actually got in contact with one of the rappers that inspired me to do this and we eventually made a song together the pure enjoyment and excitement i felt going through that process is what made me realize this is what i want to do for as long as i possibly can.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I’m not a big gamer but I do like to sit back for hours and play my favorite FPS games.

Is there a specific artist/album that changed everything for you and inspired you to pursue music?

Pro Era’s – PeeP the aPROcalypse now that one when I first found got me into writing and recording the most. The lines they were spitting the way the project sounded at the time made me want to jump into music heavy.

Thank you for speaking with us! What do you hope to achieve in the next 5 years?

It was great and the questions were insightful took me to good memories as well thanks!

I hope to achieve things I didn’t think were ever possible for people like me before and if nothing else goes as planned just to understand and be at peace with everything and everyone around me.


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