Interview: Janelia Soul Encourages Listeners To Believe That “Things Will Get Better”

Nigerian-American singer and band leader Janelia Soul, charms listeners with her unique and euphoric sounds. Her music has created some buzz in the music industry with over a million a YouTube views from passionate listeners. Check out our interview to learn more about her story and latest album Self Affirmation Project!

You charm listeners with your unique melodies & blends of cultural sounds. How do you know when you’ve discovered the right sound for your songs?

I just go with what feels natural, I don’t focus too much on trying to come up with the right sound as that could be a daunting task which could also be subjective. As long as the sound feels good and feels natural to me, then that is the right sound.

What’s the inspiration behind your latest single “Things Will Get Better”?

I wrote “Things Will Get Better” when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. It was my higher self consoling me during this challenging time. I see how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected people negatively all over the world and it is important for me to share this song during this very difficult time so as to inspire “Hope” for a better tomorrow, as it did for me when I wrote the song.

You formed your own female-fronted band in Baltimore, MD. How are you all trying to stay connected during this time of quarantine?

We have had a couple of virtual concerts as a trio but it has been very challenging to stay connected because live performance is a very in-person experience.

Will there be any new releases coming anytime soon?

Yes, I would like to shoot the music video for “Things Will Get Better” in the coming weeks.

Your main focus is on creating music that inspires positive thinking and self-affirmations, correct? What do you first focus on when you begin writing? 

I have always thought of myself as a poet that sings, so the lyrics come to me first and then I come up with the melody afterwards, usually when I get with a musician or get a new soundtrack from a producer.

What is a good recording session for you?

I love recording sessions with musicians, where everything is played live with some honey and ginger tea on the side. Although my new single was not recorded with live session musicians, my latest album Self Affirmation Project was recorded with all live instruments and it was such a wonderful experience to work with different musicians on that project.

Do you go to one specific place when you start writing your music? How important is the location where you write your lyrics for you?

Location does not play a role in my writing, but I do like to be alone, so it could be in my bedroom or my car as long as I have solitude so that the creative genius can come forth.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

I would like to collaborate with Burna Boy, a Nigerian afrobeats artist.

What do you hope to accomplish by the end of this year?

To perform in front of a live audience with my band with absolutely no social distancing; would be an accomplishment I hope for before the end of this year.


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