Interview: Jehan Discusses Debut Single ”Peace of Mind” & More

After releasing her debut single “Peace of Mind,” artists and producer Jehan continues to develop her sound and connections to deliver uplifting, inspiring new music. Check out our interview to learn more about her:

Hey Jehan! Thank you for talking with us. You have a really unique way that you present your music. You are an artist and a producer. Tell us more about that. 

There is a whole vision behind the songs I write. When writing songs, I like to come up with unique concepts, and also create a story line for the music video as well. I fully invest myself into executing a song/video at its best and nothing less.

As of right now, I write the lyrics and melody for the song and sing it to the producer I team up with. We will then build the song from there. When bringing in a vocalist for the song, my mentors test me to guide the session and use my input for production ideas as well. I am also learning how to produce music. With that, I am currently releasing music as a songwriter feat. a vocalist just like producers do today.

Did you ever have any doubts about the music path not working out for you?

All the time! I think we all do because it is a such a tough industry to get into. However, I never let those doubts stop me. The drive and passion must exceed the willingness to give up, if not, this may not be the right career path for you.

What’s your writing process like?

I love writing at coffee shops! During my process, an idea will spark and then I will build a song from there. I will also do some research on topics that are relevant today, and try to make a unique concept out of it.

Do you play any instruments? 

I was never put into piano or guitar lessons as a kid, so in a way, I had to learn how to create a full song with only lyrics and melodies. However, now that I’m getting into production, I’m learning how to lay some chords down with my keyboard and build a track from there.

Tell us more about the song you just released and how that song came about.

“Peace of Mind” is very special to me, because it is the first song I released as a songwriter with a featured vocalist. It was released on March 27th on all digital platforms, followed by a video that shows my process of bringing the song to life. I wanted to write a song that brings awareness to people who suffer from anxiety, because I know a lot of people suffer from it – myself included.

Who are your biggest music influences?

Definitely my mentors; Lars Halvor Jensen, Wendy Starland, and Adeniyi “Synematik” Adelekan.

They believe in me and my visions.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

It’s hard to just pick one, I would love to collaborate with Sia, Kanye West, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, and many more.

What can fans expect from you this year?

My goal for the remaining year is to release one more song and music video, and also collaborate with more producers and artists.


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