Interview: Jeni Schapire Proudly Spreads Joy Through Single Releases

Jeni Schapire speaks with us about her excitement for the next year! Stick around for new releases coming to you!

Thank you for being with us!  Where are you based and where would you say your fan base is?

I am based in Nashville, TN. Most of my fans are located on the East Coast: NY, NJ, Washington DC.

What would you never apologize for?

Asking for the things I need.

Who is your HERO and what does a HERO mean to you?

I have some amazing friends who are my heros. They are all so determined on their paths, so brave and self-assured. They constantly inspire me. A hero should be aspirational, but also earnest and human.

What exotic location would you most like to visit or perform when COVID is finally over?

To be honest, I’m just looking forward to being able to see my family and for them to be able to visit me easily. The logistics that have to go into travel arrangements right now make things really difficult.

How do you juggle the day job and the dream career, or are they one and the same?

I am a nanny right now and very lucky that they understand that music comes first. I also teach music lessons so at least I get to share my passions with others with that outlet.


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