Interview: Jeremy Parsons Prepares To Release New Album “Things To Come”

Texas-based musician Jeremy Parsons knows how important it is to balance the fun and seriousness in the musicn world. His visuals aim to take you through a series of emotions while spreading his love for the sounds of Country Music. Allow us to introduce you to Jeremy Parsons:

Your music is a recollection of personal experiences used to create songs that make a difference to everyone who listens. What’s the most important element you like to include in your songs?

I think a heavy dose of reality must always be present. It doesn’t matter if it comes out with minor or major chords. The resonating message of “you’re not alone” has always been nice to hear. The honesty in songs whether it’s bitter or beautiful.

The music video for “Makin’ Things Up As I Go” shows a silly side to Parsons and your team of musicians. How did you come up with the visuals?

That is probably the most consistent version of me. The music can come out sad and dark sometimes but that’s usually my normal being. We really just wanted to show that with this video. It had most of my favorite people in it and was an absolute blast. My buddy PJ Schenkel, of Three Hat Media, and I brainstormed the whole video out over several days then he worked his usual magic. We came up with the sketches with ideas of parodying some of our favorite things. We’re both real big fans of Bob Ross so we created our own homage with Rob Boss. Fun stuff like that. Pj’s my best friend and one of the biggest all around talents I know. That video is my favorite we’ve done.

What do you hope your listeners take away from listening to your music?

I really hope they find it when they need to. One of my favorite things people say to me is that they found my music when they were working through some stuff and it really helped them. Music has always been so therapeutic for me too. It’s such a gift to be able to put that back out into the world just by doing something I love to do.

How did you first discover an interest in creating music?

I had always been a huge fan of music but it wasn’t until my Junior year of High School that I really started to delve into creating it myself. My friends were going one way and I just quit football because my coach and I were very different people. I came home one day and decided I needed another hobby. My parents had wanted me to play an instrument when I was younger and bought me this starter guitar that I happened to find in the middle bedroom of the house. From that point on every free moment I had was spent playing that guitar. After that I wrote my first couple of songs and then shortly after started playing out. Now here we are!

Do you have any new releases planned for this year?

I do and I’m very excited. I have a whole new record ready to go and the first single is set to release May 29th. It’s called “Tragedy” and it’s one of my favorites off this record. I’m going to try to release a new single every couple of months up until I reach the pre-order date for the whole record which I will keep y’all posted on. The release date for the entire record at the moment is January 8th 2021 and I will let y’all know should that change too. The title of the record is “Things To Come.”

How has your hometown influenced your journey as a musician?

I was extremely spoiled growing up in Texas as far as music goes. There aren’t many towns you can pass through in this state that don’t have some form of live music at least a couple nights a week. There was always somewhere to go to see it every weekend and even most Wednesdays. Going to see a lot of the Texas Country acts really helped shape who I wanted to be on stage and helped me find out who I was as an artist. They were big ambassadors of just being who you are. Some people are going to hate it, some will love it, but they will always be getting the same person each and every time. I’m grateful for growing up in San Antonio.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

I would love to do something with Jason Isbell. Not sure what? He pretty much writes all his own stuff, as do I. It would be cool to go out on the road with him and just watch and learn. Or maybe have a record produced by him at some point.

After performing all over the U.S. and in Europe, which state or location has been the best to perform in?

Every time I’ve gotten to play has been my favorite show. One of my most memorable experiences doing shows was over in Norway. We went over there for about a week or more and did a run of shows. It was my first big trip like that and I had such a ball. It was a bunch of wonderful people that turned into wonderful crowds. I look forward to going back someday.

What’s your best and most challenging parts of creating a new song?

Some songs come quicker than others. You really have to work through that. You get so pumped when they pour out of you with minimal brainpower that the next time you try and it doesn’t you can get pretty bummed out. The song always deserves the time though and it’s smarter to move on and come back to it later. No need forcing it to be good when you can take the time to make it great.

What can fans expect from you this year?

A whole new album filled with 10 previously unreleased tracks. It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever made and I can’t wait to share it with y’all. I hope to do more shows as well. When all this health crisis calms down I will let you know for sure. Keep checking back on my website and socials to keep up to date with me.



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