Interview: John Vento Breaks Down The Pittsburgh Music Scene & Discuss His Latest Releases

Singer-songwriter John Vento is one of a kind performer who’s heartfelt and introspective music has the ability to reach people at the exact moment they need his words. We spoke with him to discuss his releases, plans for re-opening Steamworks Creative and his most recent collaborations!

Thanks for speaking with us! How are you doing?

I’m doing great, thanks for asking!

Music is a great way of bringing people together. How have you been able to stay connected with your audience during this time of quarantine? 

I’ve been staying connected through social media by doing live streams, making videos, and sharing other creative and informative content as well. We’ve also been hosting live streams and have been making videos for local musicians at our intimate music listening room, Steamworks Creative, adhering to proper social distancing guidelines of course.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from the Pittsburgh music scene? 

Now that we’ve had a break, I have more time to check out my peers by listening to their live streams and watching their videos. I’m blown away by the overall talent in our area!

“I Hope I Don’t Fall In Love With You” has compelling visuals for everyone to enjoy. How do you decide what kind of visuals to use for your music releases?

The lyrics drive the concept for each video. I discuss my vision for each project with the video director. Sometimes I have a very specific idea, but I try to be open minded for new ideas too.

“Well Yeah Maybe” is your most recent release. What was the filming process like?

This was one of the toughest videos we’ve done. We wanted to use multiple locations, plus create imagery that would be interesting to support the song. The editing was tricky for this one.

How is everything going with Steamworks Creative? Do you have any plans for its reopening when the time comes?

Like every other venue, we are struggling, but we will be fine. We’ve been filming live shows, and just launched a new pod cast/interview series called “Steamworks Spotlight.”

Which albums or artists have you been listening to most recently? 

Old Harry Chapin and Bob Dylan

Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with?

Bob Dylan!

When you sit down to write a new song, what’s the first thing you do?

I think of a lyrical concept, like I did for the newest song I’m working on called “Highwire.” After that, I bring some really rough ideas to my collaborators, and we start the molding process.

Is there any charity or organization that you would really like to collaborate with in this time of uncertainty?

Band Together Pittsburgh… I love to perform, and I love to share that experience with those on the autism spectrum. My dear friend Ronny “Moondog” Esser and I founded this organization to inspire and enrich the lives of those on the spectrum, enabling integration with family, friends, and society as a whole. Band Together Pittsburgh uses music as an instrument for change. We provide innovative programming, experiences and vocational opportunities such as autism friendly open stages and drum circles to inspire creativity and to create community. We believe that music has the power to unify the world!


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