Interview: Jordan Massey Releases Second EP “Heartless”

Welcome Jordan Massey to Music Trails! He’s released his newest EP recalling the loving and heartbreaking moments in a previous relationship. Check it out down below:

We are stoked to have you today. Tell us about your fall season so far! What are you up to? 

Thank you!! My fall season has been crazy! I’ve been so busy with music and my personal life it’s just been a circus! Now I’m more relaxed and just enjoying the personal things in my life.

Can you share more with our readers about your latest release?

Yes!! Heartless, my second studio EP is out now and it’s such a different vibe from my first one! It’s more so on the darker and deeper level for me but it’s so good and I’m so proud of it !!

Which of your songs are your favorites?

I love them all but “Dangerous” always hits different for me!

The most underrated part of being creative?

The excitement of it all coming together! I feel like when I don’t have all the puzzle pieces it just adds a different effect to an artist and makes it more exciting!!

When are you at your personal best?

In the night!

Which platforms are you most active on and how do our readers stay connected with you? Thank you! 

For sure Instagram : @Jordvnmassey and my website 

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