Interview: KILJIN Integrate Old School Metal Into New EP “Master Of Illusion”

Lead Singer and lead Guitarist from KILJIN joins us today to speak about their newest EP Master Of Illusion:

Thanks for joining us! For those of you who don’t know what you do can you explain a little bit?

Hello and thank you for your time. My name is Trevor and I am the Lead Singer and lead Guitarist from Michigan Heavy Metal band, KILJIN.

How did the band first get started?

The idea for KILJIN came about a year ago. We decided we wanted to get back to the roots of metal while still offering our own unique style and twist. We are all former member for KISSTER, A Tribute to KISS. We were having a blast doing that for a while but We really wanted to start a unique metal band with a unique sound, style and twist. So we did just that and KILJIN was born.

“Master Of Illusion” is filled with 11 singles bringing in new listeners into your musical world. What was the overall inspiration behind the EP?

The inspiration behind our debut album was simple. Our love for old school metal. We wanted to create a band that would bring that feeling back but with its own unique style and twist.  Master of Illusion is all about telling a story through music.  Its about mixing light and dark together to get something wild.  It’s about twisting your mind and imagination into something new. It’s about good and evil battling in a world or fantasy and chaos. We really wanted to give the fans something familiar but also something they have never heard before!  Our biggest inspiration has been the fans as well as tell a story through out the album itself.

How would you describe your sound to someone who just listened to your music for the first time?

I would tell them that our sound reminds you of when metal was at its finest.  When metal ruled the land. I would say we are kind of a cross between dio, megadeath, metallica, black sabbath, and judas priest but WITH a unique twist and sound.  We feel we have created something fresh while staying true to our metal roots.  If you visit our website, or visit any one of the streaming music platforms, you will see for yourself why our album has been reviewed as the, “Best Metal Album of the Year”, and you will truly understand that unique style that is KILJIN. We will twist your fantasy!

What were some of the biggest projects you’ve worked on? 

We are all former members of other bands, including, KISSTER, A Tribute to KISS.  We spent alot of our time over the last 20 years touring the state, releasing albums, performing with artists such as Candle Box, Brett Michaels, Ratt and more.  KISSTER was a huge project that we all dedicated alot of our time in.  Right now, we are working hard and concentrating all of our effort into KILJIN.  We are really proud of KILJIN and its the biggest project we have going at this moment.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned this past decade?

The biggest lessons We have learned as a band is that, its all about having fun!  Also, that the music industry has changed so much and its NOT what it used to be.  This day and age if a band is ready to make it, you better be ready to do it on your own! BUT, its all about the ride and the fun you have as a band.

How has these past few months of quarantine affected you all creatively?

The past few month of Covid Quarantine has been frustrating because we want to go out and perform live.  We have a great stage show and we are ready to show the world what our live show is all about.  However, the quarantine has NOT stopped or slowed down KILJIN.  We have been hard at work writing and creating fresh and unique music as well as continued to record new albums, videos, photo shoots, jingles and more.  It has given us a chance to build our following and fan base before we go out and perform.  BUT when the day comes, KILJIN will be ready to ROCK YOU ALL and give you ALL live performance that you have never seen before!

What advice do you have for anyone interested in starting their own band?

Practice and work hard! Most of all, have fun!

And no matter what anyone tells you, NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN YOUR MUSIC!!

With music you can reach the whole world on another scale. In what ways have you seen the physical effect of your music and those who listen?

Well, KILJIN tries to write a story with every piece of music we compose.  Every song tells a story and will take you into another realm of imagination and excitement.  Not only that, but it also gives us a chance to use our music as an outlet or a diary or sort.  SO far, all the feedback we have received and all the reviews we have received has been positive.  Everyone likes the story each song tells and all of our fans really seem to enjoy the music.

Which artists have influenced you through your musical journey?

Some artists that we personally have been influenced by growing up were, Kiss, Scorpions, Motley Crue, Dio, Iron Maiden, David Bowie, Metallica, Megadeath, and more, and we feel our music stays true to our influences while still offering something new and fresh with a unique sound and style.  Having influences are great, BUT you have to find your own style and sound along withe way. KILJIN has found it!

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from the Michigan music scene?

The biggest lessons we have learned as band is to work hard and continue to evolve and grow as a band. The music scene in Michigan, like everywhere else, is tough and you have to grow and evolve to keep up with an ever changing industry and scene.

What are your goals for the rest of 2020?

KILJIN’s goals for 2020 are pretty laid out.  We just released our debut album, “Master of Illusion”, which is available now on all streaming platforms as well as our website and we just released a new line of merchandise and clothing.  We are hoping the covid epidemic is over with soon so KILJIN can start performing live, but until then, we will continue to flood the scene with KILJIN!  We are working on our 2nd album right now and hope to have it done soon and available soon for purchase.  We are also working on some music videos as well as our live show. SO, our goal is simple.. Just keep growing and growing as a band and keep offering the fans a taste of Metal with a twist. KILJIN’s band motto says it all, “No Excuses, Just Kick Ass Music” Thanks!


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