INTERVIEW: King Mizzie Reveals New Album Release “Mentally Scarred”

King Mizzie returns with a new exciting album titled Mentally Scarred, available on April 10th. We sat down to chat about the release, how he’s celebrating while the world is in quarantine, and which single you should look out for on the album!

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How’s the quarantine life treating you? Have you been recording more music? 

It’s been off to a rough start after losing my job from it, but I took it as a positive with all of the free time. It’s crazy because since the virus I’ve been recording more than I’m usually able too.

You’ve had a ton of releases just this year – “No More Stops” & “The Route.” What’s motivating you to keep releasing hit after hit to share with your fans?

Well with this being my 5 official project it’s definitely been a journey a lot of ups and downs which keep my heart filled with ideas. I speak about everything I’ve been through in the past present and future a lot of pain and happiness and heartbreaks. As long as my life stays exciting I’ll always have something to get off my chest.


Congratulations on the release of your new album “Mentally Scarred.” What can you tell us about this release?

Thank you, this project is focused on where I want to be in the next year, I realized a lot of things I can’t keep holding on to a lot of people I have to leave in the past. I know where I am right now and this is not where I still want to be in the future I want to grow I want to keep elevating. Every 24 hours count.

How are you celebrating your release day?

I planned to have a release party but since the world is in quarantine I’m going to go live with my fans and have a listening party the night of the release

Which track was your favorite to produce & why?

I would have to say in all honesty “All Day” I love the pace of it and everything I’m talking about is how I really feel in my mind, from the intro when I personally listen to it, it brings me a sense of happiness and reminds me why I even pour my heart out in the booth knowing I’m still not driving in my dream car, I can feel myself getting closer to success everyday.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be? 

A boogie for a fact, I know we would make a song that will have the world listening on repeat. It no questions about it I just know.

Tell us more about the album cover. What was the process of making the visuals come to life?

To be completely honest I don’t know how I come up with my covers it just comes to my mind and I make it. My first cover looked way different but I just wasn’t pleased with it. I first took a pic of myself and used the mine blown emoji and made it work then the name “Mentally Scarred” fit perfectly especially after the trauma I’ve been through.

Which track do you think will be a big hit with your listeners?

I’d say “All Day” everybody will be able to relate to it. That’s really a hard question though cause all of the songs I feel are hits but that’s just how I feel

We’re almost halfway through the year, what do you hope to accomplish by the end of 2020?

With what has already came up so far, my next goal is to really hit 100k in stream numbers, I hit 10k not to long ago so the only way is up from here then once we are able to go back to regular living, I want to start getting back into performing. I’m ready for rolling loud, sxsw you name it I’m ready to rock out.

What advice would you give to independent artists currently chasing their music dreams?

Never say never life is a race, when you feel like your behind just keep putting your foot in the gas

Is there anything else you would like to share?

“Mentally Scarred” April 10th all platforms for more updates and music follow me on Instagram and Twitter @nmtmizzie

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