Interview: Kusinen Keeps It Real In New Single “Kryptonit” With Visuals Planned In The Dominican Republic

Swedish singer Kusinen understand struggling and husting for a better life is a necessity to come out stronger in the end. We all have to deal with pain and struggle in some way in our lives and “Kryptonit” details these sentiments in the best way possible as he share his life story.

Discover this new single you’ll be raving about for the next week! Enjoy reading Kusinen’s story and look out for the visuals filmed in the beautiful country of the Dominican Republic.

Thank you for speaking with us. Please introduce yourself to our readers! 

Thank you for making this possible! Hi there, my name is Kusinen (the cousin), I’m a musician/rapper/artist born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Been doing music for over 10 years, both punk and rap, mostly rap.

What inspired you to pursue music professionally?

I love music, it has taken me through some hard times, it’s a part of me. As a child I discovered music through dancing thanks to MJ, ever sence I’ve always wanted to pursue music professionally, I even studied rapmusic in High School.

Your most recent release is “Kryptonit.” Do you have any plans of releasing a new song or album anytime soon?

I’m trying to have 1-2 songs for release this year, I’m working on a couple of different projects and one is an Ep.

You incorporate sounds blending Punk, Rap, Electronic, and Afrobeat into your songs. Please tell us more about your sound, do you follow a specific process or do you go with the flow?

I make up different melodies and words or sentences that I want in the song. I grew up with rock music and started to listen to Grime and DnB in my teens, which are my biggest influences.

How do you know when you’ve discovered the right beat for your song? 

If it makes me feel something I write to it! Sometimes everything just falls into place (like Kryptonit) and sometimes I write to one beat and try the lyrics on other beats to see what I can get.

“Kryptonit” was created after experiencing a few years away from music. How did you first come up with the idea for the single?

I was living by myself down south in a little town called Ljungby, taking care of my dad, working in the elderly care and just feeling lost and empty. Everytime I tried to write a song I just ended up getting stuck, or the lyrics always went from something to lyrics about the past.

I found the beat to Kryptonit and felt some type of hope, like, the past is the past, make this song and move on. Thanks to my fiancee who puched me to record it and release it, it’s out.

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Vänner, familj, bekanta å även folk man inte känner har frågat vad Kryptonit egentligen handlar om? Är det en tjej? Jag har alltid svarat att det låter jag vara osagt så att var och en får bilda sin egna uppfattning. Men nu när min pappa gick bort här i årsskiftet började jag fundera mycket kring allt som varit. Jag och min pappa hade mycket gemensamt, förutom boxning och musik så var gatan och alla äventyr där ute något som vi alltid drogs till. Jag menar den här halvindianen heter inte Marco för ingenting! ——::Länk i bio::——– #picoftheday #likeforlikes #kryptonit #kusinen #poster #music #musik #stockholm #haninge #historia #spotify #instagram #art #pieceofart #svenskrapp #svenskhiphop #storyofmylife #rap #emcee #rapper #svenskarappare #afrobeat #beatsbymantra #buyapura @memo.crescendo @beatsbymantra @utrulii.official @ohlala86 @carrocardenas

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What made you want to share that story from your life?

I didn’t really want to I had to, not just for me but for others. My dad was very ill and I wanted to make him proud one last time, the music was our connection. He passed away a couple of months after the song was released, I will never forget when he heard “Kryptonit” for the first time.

How did you decide to film the music video for “Kryptonit” in the Dominican Republic?

I like to tell stories and I don’t want to be in front of the camera for this song. Kryptonit is about weakness/struggle, we all have to deal with it in some type of way. Also I don’t want the video to be a typical rapvideo in the hood, I want to tell a story with the help of a very talented filmmaker, Angy, and dancer Robert, they happen to live there.

What can fans expect to see in the music video?

Art and beautiful dance!

What do you hope to accomplish in 2020?

Alot of love and happiness, music and peace.


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