Interview: Long Island Native Gaviana Releases Powerful New Song “Counter Clockwise”

Gaviana is a driven, passionate and charismatic rising artist who’s ready to show the world what she’s got with her newest single release “Counter Clockwise.” In our interview, we speak about the single, her earnest lyricism and great vibes, and what’s coming in the future. Make sure to check it out!

Thank you for speaking with us! Please introduce yourself to our readers!

Hello everyone, my name is Gaviana and I’m an upcoming R&B Artist!

You just released a new song. What’s the story behind your newest single, “Counter Clockwise”?

The story behind “Counter Clockwise” is about an old flame I had in the past that didn’t unfortunately work out. And it’s me looking back talking about what can we do to try to fix this. Like, me basically trying to figure out what when wrong.

What do you hope listeners understand or feel when they listen to “Counter Clockwise”?

I hope when people listen to this song I hope they feel uplifted and have hope in there hearts to not give up on love. That some love is worth fighting for.

What were your favorite and least favorite parts of producing this single?

The melody of course!! And the bridge is my very favorite part because it slows everything down. And my least favorite part is the ending. Honestly I don’t like how it ends but I have something coming soon that will make it up for it

Do you plan on creating a music video for it?

I do plan on creating a visual but it’s gonna be a little different haha it’s a surprise!

Your take on soulful and warm music is impressive and full of genuine, positive vibes. In what ways were you able to find a musical style that suited you best?

It took a lot soul searching for me to completely find my sound. Like right now my music needs to match my who I am as a person. And I always tell my producers how I want my music to sound like. And I have to give it up to my manager from A-Train Mr.Peterson because he produced two tracks of mine that I absolutely adore like he really gets me. We talk a lot on the phone so I guess he knows who I am in and out as a person hahah!

How did you discover an interest in music?

I always had an interest in my music as far as I can remember ever since I was young I always had an interest in singing so I knew that music was gonna be something I’m gonna do in the future.

Are you currently working on new music?

I’m getting ready to drop new music and create more music honestly it’s not gonna stop and it’s only the beginning!!

How has this time of quarantine affected your music endeavours? 

Honestly I was a little scared. I didn’t know what to do. All my plans kinda fell apart because of the pandemic. However thanks to My manager he just spoke to me and told me everything was gonna be ok I just have to stay focus and re-plan everything. It sucks but as long as I can put out music and have people hear it that’s all that matters

Where are you finding your musical inspirations from these days?

My inspirations comes from a lot of stuff that came from my life! Too much be happening to me lol. I love telling my stories through song. I’m really excited for people to hear the soundtrack of my life!

Your home base in Long Island is full of many talented artists ready for their next release. Do you have any plans of collaborating with other artists in the future?

Of course!!! I already have some artist I have in mind! I’m interested in collaborating with some artist down south lol!!

For our final question, what do you hope to accomplish by the end of the year?

At the end of the year I want a loyal fan base that I love and adore


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